Athletes Foot Home Remedies

Athletes Foot Home Remedies

Athletes foot is an infection which can be observed between the toes. This fungal infection causes scaling and itching effect. It is caused by a fungus called Trichophyton. This fungi comes from moist areas. People who work in water a lot barefoot, are prone to get athletes foot. It is not very dangerous and it is completely treatable. This can also affect the groin region. Some of the common symptoms of athletes foot are scaling, flaking, itching in the affected area, blisters and in chronic cases cracked skin. Very rarely you have to take oral antibiotics for this infection. 

Home Remedies for Athletes Foot

As the cause of this infection is very primary, there are many home remedies which one can take up to treat athletes foot. The most important point to remember is that this infection can be avoided by following few elementary steps. 

  •   Avoid wearing airtight shoes. There is a popular myth that men are more prone to this infection than women. To a certain extent it is true because men tend to use shoes more than women. The air circulation in the foot is lessened because of that. To give proper air circulation try using a size that is bigger.
  •   Moist environment encourages for this fungus to develop. This is a true in locker rooms. Many people have this belief that athletes foot comes from the locker room. This is not completely true. This fungus is present on the skin of everybody. The moist nature helps the fungus to multiply and will gradually effect the skin. 
  •   Keep your foot dry if you are prone to sweat a lot in your feet. Sweating is also another major cause for the fungus to develop in this region. Another region where the tendency of sweating is more is the groin area. To avoid this keep these areas dry so that the fungus doesn’t develop. 
  •   Wash your footwear regularly. Sometimes the fungus has a tendency to stick to the footwear. By washing the footwear you will keep this fungus at bay. Also this helps you curb the fungus from spreading. 

Different Home Remedies for Athletes foot

The easiest way of curing athletes foot is by following some simple instructions which will cure your infection. Athletes foot from home remedies are in abundance. By using herbs and oils which are available in every household you can easily avoid athletes foot. Here are the top 5 home remedies for athletes foot.

Baking Soda Home Remedies

When you are suffering from chronic fungal infection, simply sprinkle some baking soda in your footwear. This will remove the moisture in your shoes. Hence, when you wear your shoes the fungal effect on your foot will reduce. Once you have done this, soak your feet in bath water before bedtime. By this you’ll be clearing the remains on the foot and cleaning them of any dirt. 

Tea Tree Oil Home Remedies

This is the most common therapy used to cure athletes foot. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal property in it which effectively clear the foot from all kinds of fungal infection. Even the relapse chances of the athletes foot will be reduced. It is very simple to use the tea tree oil for this infection. It is directly applied on the affected areas. The time period of the treatment varies from time to time depending on the intensity of the infection. The maximum time that is taken to cure the infection is 2 weeks. 

Garlic Home Remedies

Most of us know the anti-fungal properties of garlic. There are many people who prefer using garlic as an antiseptic. There are many ways of using garlic. Simply by consuming garlic orally one can leverage the antiseptic properties of garlic. For chronic cases, crush few garlic cloves and make a paste with the help of olive oil and then apply it on the fungal effected area. 

Grapefruit Seed Extract Athletes Foot

The seeds of the grapefruit seems to have anti-fungal effect. The seeds are crushed and the extracts are mixed with some aloe vera gel. Take few drops of the extract and then rub them all over your feet. This will help you clear the scaling and itching effect. 

Lemon Home Remedies

This is the simplest and the best way of clearing your feet from athletes foot. Squeeze some lemon into 2 ounces of water and wash your feet with the mixture. This will help you clean all the fungus present on your feet. It acts well for foot odor also.