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What is Astrology?

Astrology is popularly known as the “Mother of all Sciences” which is a very interesting study about cosmic objects that includes the planets and stars, and how they affect human lives. Astrology refers to the position of the stars, moon, sun and planets which affects people at the time of their birth and this develops each individual’s personality.

In depth, astrology is basically the study of the twelve zodiac signs, relationships and patterns of planets that are in continuous motion. It is a high level mastery, and in this, the planetary movements greatly influence the moments in time. To get accurate results, astrologers check the sign of the twelve planets when a person is born. Astrology is a complex form where the signs and planets combine with each element like angles and houses, to form a particular profile of a person’s personality, future prospects and life.

During the ancient times, every community practiced their own astrology and a few now have evolved into western culture. The most popular forms of astrology are the Vedic, Tibetan and Chinese forms. Western astrology has a different philosophy and method. Astrology is divided into different types by the end result and they are:-

Interrogatory Astrology- This astrology can be further subdivided and it basically refers to specific analyses or predictions about a person’s objectives within his life.

Mundane Astrology- This astrology has a broader category which examines events around the world and predictions about wars, national affairs and economies.

Natal Astrology- This astrology is based on a person’s birth. The main idea that it is based on is that whatever happens to something, it affects at the initial stage of that thing. It is also known as the Law of Beginnings.

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