Astigmatism is one of the major eye problems which are faced by many people. The eyes are not able to focus on a particular object in this disorder. Astigmatism is known to cause blurred vision. This particular disorder is caused due to the irregular shape of the cornea. This can lead to farsightedness or nearsightedness. There are other causes for the disorder which are explained later in the article. This disorder is completely treatable provided you diagnose the problem early and go for professional treatment. There are many eye specialists who have become special doctors in this particular disorder. Continue reading to learn more about this disorder.

Causes of Astigmatism

Astigmatism is caused due to many factors. The most common factor which causes this disorder is due to an oblong surface of the cornea. This condition is caused due to irregular hormonal discharge or abnormal growth of the eye ball. This shape of the eyes will cause the light rays to fall on two different points on the retina of the eye. This difference will lead to an improper image which results in blurred vision. 

Astigmatism is also caused due to hereditary. If someone in your ancestors has this problem then the possibility of you or your siblings getting this disorder is high. There are many such cases which are recorded which state the cause of astigmatism is due to hereditary.

Another rare cause of astigmatism is eye accidents. If you ever injure your eye physically then there is a chance for you getting astigmatism disorder. In some eye injuries, the cornea which is the outer surface of the eye ball gets affected and may deform on a permanent basis. This will make the eyes receive the light rays in different ways causing blurriness. Therefore it is important to protect your eyes from these kind of incidents. 

Symptoms of Astigmatism

Astigmatism can be diagnosed very easily as one can find major discomfort in the vision. There is obvious blurriness in the patient vision by which he can’t read or see things clearly. A normal check up by an optician can diagnose this disorder easily. There are few simple means by which the optician can diagnose astigmatism. 

Visual activity – By following few simple exercises the optician can tell if you are having farsightedness (hyperopia) or nearsightedness (myopia). You are made to read letters which are screened above you. You have to read them looking into a mirror. Every line you’ll observe that the font size of the letters are decreasing. The size of the letter is dependent on the distance between you and the object. This tells which kind of disorder you are having.

Keratometry – It is an instrument with which the curvature of your eyeball is measured. Keratometry is the most important equipment which is used by the optician. It will give an understanding of the shape of your cornea. This is also necessary in deciding what kind of lens suit your eyeball. 

Refraction – This is the factor which will analyze the focusing power of your eye. By using an instrument called retinoscope the amount of light falling on your eye is calculated. Then the optimist will use another instrument called phoropter, he uses different lenses to check the correct combination to suit your sight. 

Treatment for Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a common problem in the present day world. But many researches and practices have helped to come up different treatments which are used in the present day now. Astigmatism is not always a permanent disorder. This can be treated affectively by taking proper precautions. Following are some of the common treatment techniques which are used to deal with astigmatism.

  • By using eyewear astigmatism is neutralized. When this disorder is diagnosed, the optician suggest you a pair of glasses which are powered which will help the light rays to fall on the same point on retina so that you have a sharper image. 
  • Contact lenses are a micro version of eyewear. They are directly worn on your eyeball. They have the same effect of powered lenses. They are mostly worn so that you can avoid having an extra pair of glasses. Contact lenses are not advised to everyone as some may be prone to allergies caused by it. 
  • Laser treatment is the most effective treatment to permanently get cured from astigmatism. The treatment will reshape your cornea so that your vision is much sharper and clear. This was initially not accepted by many opticians as there is danger of many side effects. But now all those allegations are proven wrong. The patient is kept under observation for 6 months after the treatment to make sure that there are no post treatment complications.