Home Remedies For Asthma

Home Remedies For Asthma

Asthma is defined as a condition when a person suffers from short drawn breath or panting. Asthma is a type of allergen reaction and is one of the worst respiratory diseases. A person suffering from asthma experiences breathlessness. Asthma can be caused by a number of things.

Causes for Asthma

A few factors that affect asthma are drugs, foods, irritants and perfumes. People suffering from asthma are very sensitive to dust which is a very common cause of this problem.

Signs and Symptoms of Asthma

The most common symptoms of asthma are breathlessness. This happens when the muscles suddenly contract leaving a narrow air passage for the lungs. This blocks the free flow of air in the lungs causing restlessness.

Asthma can be cured by either taking medications prescribed by the doctor or by home remedies. Home remedies are the most effective way to cure asthma.

Natural Remedies for Asthma Attacks

Top 8 Home Remedies for Asthma Attack

Indian Gooseberry

indian gooseberry for asthma Indian gooseberry is a very good home remedy to cure asthma. Take one tablespoon of honey and approximately five grams of gooseberry. Mix it well and it has to be taken early in the morning. This makes it a very good medicinal tonic for asthma patients.


Using Figs

Figs for asthma

As compared to all fruits, figs are one of the best to cure asthma. An asthma patient feels better as this helps to take out the phlegm. Take at least four dry figs and soak it overnight in warm water. 

Using Honey

honey for asthma

Honey is the best way to provide instant relief to a patient suffering for asthma. If a cup of honey is held under the nose of the patient and when he breathes in the air, he would get instant relief and his breathing would become normal.


Bitter Gourd Roots

Bitter Gourd Roots for asthma

Since ancient days, many herbs and roots have been discovered for various diseases. Out of these roots, the bitter gourd root is very effective home remedy to cure asthma. Take a teaspoon of bitter gourd root paste with an equal proportion of basil leaves juice and honey. Mix this well and it has to be taken before going to bed for one month. This is a very good home remedy for asthma.

Drumstick Leaves

Drumstick Leaves for asthmaIf one regularly drinks the soup made from drumstick leaves, it helps in curing asthma. Take a few leaves and boil it in some water for five minutes then add pepper, salt some lime. It’s one of the best home remedy for asthma.


Using Ginger

Ginger for asthma

Make a decoction of fenugreek and add a teaspoon of ginger juice and honey. Mix it well and drink it. This is a very good home remedy for asthma. This decoction should be taken twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening.

Bishop’s Weed

Bishop Weed for asthma

Bishop’s weed is a type of herb and is very affective in curing asthma. Take a glass of buttermilk and mix a teaspoon of bishop’s weed. This should be taken twice a day regularly. This helps to get rid of the phlegm. A patient can also mix carom seeds and inhale steam. This helps in unblocking the bronchial passage.


Natural Home Remedies For Asthma