Asana Handouts

Asana Handouts
  • Every teacher of yoga is also a student of yoga. Yoga is a field with limitless possibilities. Yoga is also in a constant state of evolution. Thus, it is necessary to keep one self updated regarding the new developments in this field.
  • Also regular practice and correct postures are important. One can satisfy all these needs by taking the help of certain kinds of asana handouts. Yoga cards are one of the most common asana handouts.
  • In some cases people practicing yoga do feel the need to get a bit of variation in the asanas and a yoga card is a great way to go. Any person can assess information online and through other sources and arrange this information on a card and print it. There are many websites which help with this as well. Through yoga cards one can carefully plan the sequences of asanas while ensuring that most of the asanas are not repeated time and again.
  • Then there are certain websites which provide printable photos describing the postures of various asanas. Some of the websites offer this service free of cost while others charge membership fees. In any case one can print these photos and come up with a book dedicated to yoga which will be a compilation of these pictures. This book can be used for reference and as a guide from time to time.
  • There is the audio visual medium which can be used to gather assistance from. There are many videos posted online regarding different asanas and the procedure to be followed to practice them correctly. These videos can become a virtual teacher or a guide that a person can approach anytime and anywhere. Many people like to listen to soothing, peaceful music while practicing yoga while others prefer listening to sacred chants. In either case, digital audio files are available on the internet. Anybody can choose from an array of songs and download them after paying a certain amount or for free. This depends on the site as well.