Artificial Insemination Precautions

Artificial insemination is a process in which woman is made pregnant artificially. It is really helpful for the couples who have problem in conceiving.  There are few things that you have to check before going for the procedure. Some precautions should be taken like couple should have whole knowledge about the procedure as what is done and how it is done. Is safe for woman or not. What are risks associated with it. What will be the expenses? Which method will be best for her? After having knowledge about these basic things couple should move forward.

Artificial Insemination Precautions

There are many things that you have to keep in mind before going for this process. Precautions are taken to prevent transmission of the AIDS virus through sperm donated for artificial insemination. Many bad viruses can enter through sperm. To prevent this prospective sperm donors be tested for the presence of AIDS virus antibodies in the blood. Fresh sperm should not be used it should be used after the complete test of semen. Treatment of this process starts before four to six months of actual process. A woman is given medicine to produce more number of eggs. After the collection of sperm by a sperm bank, the donor should be tested for transmissible diseases. After this semen is frozen, quarantined and then suitably treated in order to increase the density and motility and also facilitate conception. It should be checked that sperm donor is free from diseases and infections. Using a screened or tested donor’s sperm eliminates the danger of infections.

Artificial Insemination Recovery

There are many types of artificial insemination. Woman can choose any one of these. She has to talk to her doctor about which will be the best option. Health of the expecting or would be mother is very compulsory if she is sick or weak or not in health then she cannot produce healthy eggs. Artificial insemination is mostly not successful in weak eggs. Women should be aware of its side effects and risks. Women should know the whole process. Sometimes it creates pain like menstrual cramps. Sometimes there is a risk of development of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. It is to be noted that semen should be properly screened otherwise many genetic problems also get transferred with semen. Semen should be checked and frozen before its off time otherwise the chances of artificial insemination decreases. After the process woman is advised to take rest for some time. After little rest she can get back to her work. If the artificial insemination is successful she gets pregnant. After this she has to talk to her doctor about the medicines suitable for the her and for the proper growth of the baby.

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