Arthritis Home Remedies

Arthritis Home Remedies

What is Arthritis

Inflammation of the joints is known as arthritis. ‘Arthritis’ can be broken into two parts ‘arthron’ which means joints and ‘itis’ means inflammation. This is a chronic disease and has various forms. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are forms of arthritis.

Arthritis usually occurs in older people. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic problem that affects the joints of the body like the wrists, feet, fingers, hips, knees and it can also affect the tendons, muscles and body tissues.

Symptoms of Arthritis

The most common symptoms in osteoarthritis arthritis are stiffness and pain in the joints. A person experiences sever pain after exercise. The symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are not instant, but it comes on gradually over a period of time. The pain is in the joints and eventually the entire body gets affected. Common symptoms are deformed feet and hands, colitis, anemia and constipation.

Arthritis Home Remedies

Other than taking medicines, arthritis can also be cured by home remedies. A few home remedies are given below that can help you to a great extent.

Potato Juice

Raw potato juice is one of the best home remedy for arthritis. The actual way of having it is to cut the potato without peeling the skin. These pieces should be put in a glass of water and kept overnight. A person should drink this water on an empty stomach.

Using Copper

Keep some water in a copper container overnight. Then drink this water in the morning. It is one of the best home remedy for arthritis as the water contains particles of copper.

Sesame Seeds

In quarter cup of water soak a teaspoon of sesame seeds overnight. In the morning one has to drink this water along with the seeds. This is a very affective home remedy to prevent arthritis.

Using Garlic Remedy

Garlic is one of the best known home remedies for arthritis. The anti-inflammatory prosperities in garlic are very effective. Garlic can be eaten raw or with food.

Using Lime Remedy

The citric acid in lime helps to cure the uric acid which is the major cause of certain types of arthritis. Take a glass of water and squeeze some lime in it. This should be the first thing to be taken in the morning.

Green Gram Soup

Green gram soup is a very effective way of curing pain in the joints. Take a cup of water and mix one tablespoon of green gram along with two cloves of garlic crushed. Taking this twice a day will help relieve the pain.

Using Alfalfa

Alfalfa is a herb and tea made from this herb has shown great results in relieving arthritis pain. One needs to add one teaspoon of alfalfa seeds in a cup of water. Drink at least two to three cups of tea for about two weeks.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is also very beneficial for arthritis pain. This oil should be mixed with a glass of fresh orange juice. It should be taken during breakfast everyday till one gets relief from the pain.