Arnica Herbal Supplement

Arnica Herbal Supplement

Facts About Arnica

Most commonly used in homeopathy, the medicinal plant Arnica derives its name from the Greek word “Arna”, meaning lamb due to the soft texture of its leaves. The Arnica plant has an erect stem and has bright yellow or orange flowers having an aromatic smell. The Arnica plant is mostly found in the temperate regions of North America and Eurasia.

Benefits Of Arnica Supplement

The Arnica is known to have many benefits such as:

  • Arnica is mostly used to provide relief during any pain resulting from sprains, bruises, swelling and inflammation.

  • The commercially prepared Arnica cream is used by professional athletes and persons suffering from arthritis.

  • Owing to its property of relaxing overstressed muscles, a bath with Arnica flowers can help tired muscles or aching feet tremendously.

  • Gargling with a mixture of water and few drops of Arnica is said to provide relief to a sore throat.

  • Arnica is also useful to those suffering from inflammatory skin diseases and is therefore used for treating persons with chapped lips, burns, eczema and acne.

  • Homeopathic doctors often prescribe an Arnica tincture to those with a history of motion sickness and seizures.

  • Arnica is also said to promote hair growth.

Side Effects of Arnica

In spite of having so many advantages, Arnica is also said to have some disadvantages which are as follows:

  •  Arnica should never be used by pregnant women or nursing mothers.

  • If Arnica is used in excess amounts, it can lead to abdominal pain, nausea and dysentery.

  •  More than fifteen days of Arnica consumption can damage the organs of the body like heart, lungs and kidney.

  • Oral application of Arnica should not exceed more than three weeks as it can lead to skin rashes and eczema.

  • The worst possible side effect of Arnica is that it increases the heart beat and blood pressure, resulting even in death.

Dosage of Arnica Supplement

The uses of Arnica are different for different persons. Before using Arnica, it is essential to consult a physician. Arnica is mostly used as a homeopathic prescription and a single dose should not exceed ten to twenty drops. Arnica can be consumed either directly or diluted in water. It can be used three to four times in a day.