Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Aries and Virgo Compatibility: Opposite match

The combination of fire and earth can be expected to be filled with great distinction and different personality. Virgo on one hand is a great lover who loves to go to the finer details of each and every thing and also wishes to pay a keen attention to the process. While on the other hand Aries do not bother about these minute details neither about any method they only worry about the result. Inpidually Aries do not dwell much in thinking and neither do they look on the methods step while Virgo think too much on each and every particular situation and dwell on each and every possible ways.

The personality of Aries and Virgo is very much different and it is like two opposite poles. The social attitude of Aries is in contrast with Virgo who prefers to stay at home and feel secure. Aries is bold and Virgo on the other side is shy. Aries is extravagant in nature and Virgo does not approve this nature. The others take this as the complaining attitude of the person. Though there are so many shortcomings in the nature of two still there are some good points that cover up these follies and they can sustain a healthy relationship. There is a huge emotional difference between the two and if they do not understand each other then this relationship would not sustain even for a moment.

Aries Man and Virgo Woman: A difficult match

Virgo woman love to abide by rules and regulation and also feel it’s good to speak and criticise in a healthy manner. Aries man on the other hand does not respect any rules and thinks there is no such thing called healthy criticism exist and neither does is abide by the same. They never hold him back from answering back in a rude manner and she too heats up the environment by chiding on him about his temper and arrogance. The different nature of the two makes this love match even more difficult. Aries is free spirit and Virgo keeps on nagging about the minute things in their life. She is the biggest criticiser and always wants everything to be perfect and fit whereas he never follows any king of rules and regulation and neither he wish to be perfect at all times. The major problem in the compatibility of the two is the communication gap which widens their personality difference. Thus astrologically this love match has a less chance to sustain.

Aries Woman and Virgo Man: Uneasy relationship

The union of Aries woman and Virgo man will not be an easy one. The strain will seen by both while working together to keep the spark alive for their relationship. They are two contrasting personalities which find it difficult to survive in each other company.  While Virgo man lives in the future and Aries woman loves to stay with the present situation. The spontaneity nature of Aries woman may clash with the tendency of Virgo man who likes to remain more organized. The planning habit of Virgo man irritates Aries woman at times and she find it to be very boring. The only positive point in their relationship is that they both have huge respect for each other and for each other’s goals.

Aries and Virgo Compatibility: Problems & Guidelines

The union of fire and earth is pretty impossible and if they get together the compatibility will pass through a lot of hurdles. One is the lover of peace and wish to stay at home while the other is free spirited in nature. One is very particular about time and is very organized while other hates to work under rules and regulation. The only key to success in their relationship is communication which they lack. If they are able to know each other and also know about each other’s tension there relation may sustain for a long term.

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