Arboretum Garden

Arboretum Garden

A botanical garden, Arboretum Garden boasts of several miles of hiking trails through native vegetation. The meaning of Arboretum is the place or botanical garden where plants, trees and shrubs are grown for exhibition. A collection of rare trees and plants can be seen here for educational and scientific purposes.

History of Arboretum Garden

John Claudius Loudon used the term 'arboretum' for the first time in1833 in an English publication, “The Gardener's Magazine”. The concept was however long-established by then.

Near Dubrovnik in Croatia, the first arboretum was created and its name was the Trsteno Arboretum. By 1492, it already existed but the exact date of its founding is unknown. To irrigate the arboretum, a 15 m (50 ft) span aqueduct  was constructed which is still in use. The prominent local Gozze family created the garden.

Design of Arboretum Garden

While tight curves tend to slow the pace, large sweeping vistas carry the visitor quickly from one space to the other, and attention is focused on the complexity of individual beds, gardens, collections and structures.

The structures such as ponds, benches and gazebos were introduced into the gardens along with their allied structures and features where one may relax and enjoy the beauty of the enthralling view and ever changing tapestry of colors, sun and shadow.

Concept of nature at its best is adopted by the garden where the designing followed, reflects nature and its bounty, while maintaining aesthetics and order in a systematic way.

Architecture of Arboretum Garden

By definition, collection of woody plants is the specialization of an Arboretum. On a stratified structure with a core of high trees, large beds are based and a mid layer of massed shrubs and a ground level layer of perennials, annuals, ferns and ornamental grasses are laid. The features minutely, bold curves used in a beautiful way are witnessed with increasingly complicated details. A variety of plants in contrasting colors set the mood and imparts a mesmerizing impact on the visitors. The colors look very dramatic from a distance.