Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility

Aquarius and Taurus Love Compatibility:

The relationship between an Aquarius and Taurus is dependent on the temperaments of the partners as individuals, as according to the sun signs, this seems a difficult match.  Both of them have a difficult outlook towards love and life; - while the Bull is very stable in life and has a conservative perspective towards life, the Water-bearer looks for variety and change in life and is modern in his/her approach. While the former is a typical home-bird, the Aquarian has a thirst of exploring the world.

Taurus Man & Aquarius Woman Marriage Compatibility:

A Taurus man and Aquarius woman start off really well. However, after a few days, problems will start rising in their ugly heads as their conflicting natures would start making the relationship sour. An Aquarius woman is extrovert by nature. Her gregarious nature will sometimes leave the Taurus man feel insecure and jealous who is very conservative in his outlook. Her own 'live-by-rules' will also make the Taurus partner mad at times. If serious and conscious efforts are not made to work their way towards each other, the relationship is likely to wither away.

Taurus Woman & Aquarius Man Compatibility:

In comparison to a Taurus man and Aquarius woman partnership, a Taurus woman & Aquarius man has better chances of survival as a relationship. In this partnership, the female will be the serious home-bird while the man will love fun and frolic. They will both influence each other’s outlook towards life and have a healthy relationship. He will bring out the funny side in her, and she will teach him stability and constancy in his life. This will make the relationship smooth and beautiful as the duo will be complementing each other. However, both of them need to shun their streak of stubbornness if they are looking for a long-term relationship.

Aquarius and Taurus Relationship Compatibility:

Aquarius and Taurus will have to face a lot of difficulties to overcome the hurdles in the relationship. But if both of them are serious about their togetherness, they can seriously do so as true love conquers it all. The unpredictability in the Aquarians will be too much for the Taurus to handle. The tempers will hit as the easygoing nature of the Aquarius will conflict the conservative ways of the Taurus. Though both of them will have a love of ease and comfort in life, their different approach will make each other unintelligible to each other. For a Taurus lover, another difficult thing to handle will be the unwillingness of his/her Aquarius partner to share his/her personal secrets.

The nature of Aquarius and Taurus are so markedly different that both of them wonder if the other one is from the same planet. While the unpredictability of the Aquarius will irritate the Taurus, the former will find the smothering attention of the Taurus imbecile and repulsive.

When it comes to romance and expressing the feelings, they are quite different here too. While a Taurean is extremely passionate, the attitude of the Aquarius towards love is merely casual. Thus the Aquarian has problems in reciprocating the feelings of the Taurus through equal actions in love. The Taurus is in need of security in a relationship while an Aquarius, who is a loner by nature, fails to understand the significance of ‘security’ in a relationship at all. The outgoing nature, vivacity, and friendly nature of the Aquarius will fuel this feeling of insecurity in the Taurus even more.

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility Guidelines:

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility have a very strong point that is their strong determination. Once they make up their mind together for anything, nothing can stop them from achieving that. So, if these two sun signs are very much in love and want to be together forever, in spite of every difference, they will never let go off each other’s hands.  

Their differences will make them unconventionally appealing to each other. Though an Aquarius and Taurus do not fare well in the compatibility chart, they can use their different ideas and opinions towards life to bring out the best in each other, if they really want to work upon the relationship.

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