Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

The Aquarius sign persons are who are born in between the month of Jan 21 to Feb 19, whereas Scorpio persons are the one who born in the months of October 24 to November 22.

Aquarius Compatibility:

Generally Aquarians are strong and have attractive personalities. There are two types of principles in which Aquarians fall. The first category Aquarians are sensitive, shy, patient and gentle. The second category Aquarians are lively, exuberant and exhibitionist. Both principle Aquarians are Strong minded and forceful in different ways and have sturdy convictions. Aquarians are the people who seek for truth above all the things. Aquarians are hard working, logical and clear, and if they like any work they will give all the devotion in completing the work even by exhausting themselves and getting sick.

Scorpio Compatibility:

Scorpio is one of the most powerful sign of zodiac. These people are like Valcano which may burst at any time. Scorpio persons are very outspoken which create enemies in life. The people of this sign will have a great chance of becoming Genius. Scorpions generally love to work in any profession which deals with mysteries, investigation, dealing with Practicalities, police, psychology and the law. Scorpion people are very much passionate about love.

The compatibility between Aquarius and Scorpio:

Aquarians are practical and balanced with loved ones whereas Scorpions are very passionate, very intense and very emotional when it comes to their loved ones. The compatibility between Aquarius and Scorpio will be difficult since both of them have different personality traits. They have their own different views for love relationships. Scorpions look for quality whereas Aquarians look for quantity. Both of these signs are very stubborn and opinionated which makes things even more difficult to workout.

Scorpio man and Aquarius woman Compatibility

There won’t be much chance of surviving the relationship between Scorpion man and Aquarius woman since there is not much compatibility between them. The Scorpion man will be too possessive and too close, but these are the qualities which annoy the Aquarius woman. So the compatibility between Scorpion man and Aquarius woman will be rocky though they are very much into each other in the earlier stage. The Aquarius woman’s outgoing nature will make him insecure and jealous. The scorpion men are too bossy which the Aquarius woman does not like. Aquarius woman wants to explore the outdoor activities where as the Scorpion man loves to do indoor activities.

Aquarius man and Scorpion woman Compatibility:

There won’t be much happiness out of this sign compatibility. The love match of this sign will not make a happy compatible life with each other. The Aquarius and Scorpion sign people will have different personalities. To make this relationship workout they have to try hard and comprise a lot to get the result. The one major good thing about this relationship is that they never get bored of each other. The constant need of Scorpion woman and the sarcasm of the Aquarius man will create problems in each other’s relationship.

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