Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility: Not bad, but also not a good match either 

When it comes to personality traits, Leo and Aquarius are markedly different; still, the compatibility between the two is pretty decent. The Aquarius, who is in a quest for depth and intellect in the partner, is wooed by the generosity and vivacity of the Lion while the Leo is enchanted with the attitude and intellect of the Aquarius. Though they are quite different from each other, with their individuality, they impress each other quite well. On the social front, they are pretty compatible too, and enjoy being the center of attraction.

An Aquarius and Leo partnership is emotionally stimulating and thus, the relationship between the two is amicable and affable. The love for adventure in both of them also binds them together. They will love the ecstasy that comes with the thrill and adventures of the different expeditions of life.

A common trait in both the partners that sometimes rings the death knoll of the relationship is the ego of both the partners. The strong initial attraction often transforms itself into an equally strong opposition as both the partners have equally fixed opinions and strong determination which may be different. However, Leo, the Sign of Love and Aquarius, the Sign of Friendship, get on great and there are really bright sunshine and loud laughter in the relationship in spite of the differences.

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility: Leo Man & Aquarius Woman

This partnership seems pretty tough. The Lion gets emotionally involved rather quickly while the Aquarius woman needs her share of space and freedom to maintain her individuality. These extremities need to be balanced by a little of effort from both the partners. The Leo should not intrude into the personal space of the Aquarius and the woman should learn to make the Leo man feel loved and cared for. 

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility: Leo Woman & Aquarius Man

This can be a long lasting relationship if the Aquarius man stops criticizing his Leo partner all the way and treat her as a sensitive soul. The match is otherwise pretty vibrant as the Leo woman is pretty powerful to hold on to her partner even during the rough patches and the Aquarius man being unconventionally passionate, admires her partnership. Dullness will never set in the relationship and a little adjustment will see them walking hand in hand towards a blissful relationship.

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility Problems

The problems arise between the duo most of the time when the Leo does not understand the depth and unpredictability of the Aquarius and accept them as a part of his/her character. The constant urge of the Leo to perform on center stage makes the Aquarius impatient and irritable while the free soul of the Aquarian is too independent to succumb to be Leo's devoted subject.

The demanding and self-absorbed nature of the Lion and the carefree nature of the Water-bearer also aggravate the problems between the two as both of them fail to understand each other.

The Leo is a bit aggressive when it comes to sexual compatibility between Aquarius and Leo. For Aquarius, it is more of a surreal exercise of the souls. The ways of the Leo can repel the Aquarius even to the extent of finding others who capture their interests.

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility Guidelines

When an Aquarius and Leo are in a relationship, it will work fine if both of them can influence each other positively. The ego should be at bay to help Cupid play his enchanting tune through the hearts. The Aquarius can show the Lion to take things casually while the Leo will mould the perspective of his partner to a more serious outlook. After all, a balance is all that is needed for a smooth sail through life.

When the Leo and Aquarius match works out, it is a very challenging, yet exciting relationship. It is a nice play of passion, friendship and loyalty, though without constant efforts, the match is hard to maintain.

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