Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius seem to be very much in tune seen from the compatibility point of view. Both of them have the same outlook towards life and expect the same out of it. Both of them also connect intellectually and this also adds to the excellent rapport that the couple already shares. Both of them are witty in nature and can strike interesting and deep conversations.  A Gemini and an Aquarian also share social activities and even friends are their view points and interests in life. As individuals, they have their individual differences, but none of them are grave enough to cause any major problem between the two.

Aquarius and Gemini Possible Match Compatibility :

Both personally and professionally, a Gemini and Aquarius seem to strike the right chord. They motivate and encourage each other and team up formidably for reaching their goals together.

The Aquarians have some lonely or detached phases in their lives. However, a Gemini is least affected by these spells as he/she also enjoys the essence of freedom and like the unpredictability and independence of the partner. This zodiac match is one of the best possible ones, except for a few hiccups. If the Aquarian learns to charm the partner with the spells of romance, theirs can be a bond that can last forever. Too much of indifference of the Aquarian however has every possibility to diminish the brimming passion of a Gemini and thus kill the charm of the relation.

Aquarius and Gemini also have a healthy and passionate sex life as along with their mental makeup, they match each other’s physical compatibilities as well. They will always know how to please each other and even make out when the other partner wants to stop.

Strong Points of an Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

The Gemini’s sense of humor always amuses the Aquarian while the Geminian respects the depth and creativity of an Aquarian. When an Aquarius and Gemini are in a relationship, it is a true love match. While they are together, they can explore new dimensions to the meaning of life and make the journey of life a worthwhile experience. The physical chemistry between them is also vey noteworthy. Aquarians are sentimentally and very attached to the persons they love and the Geminian, with an innate intelligence and youthful charm make a perfect choice for an Aquarius. 

Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility :

If the man is a Gemini and the woman an Aquarian, the different qualities in the partners will keep them attracted and passionate about each other. Their likes and dislikes to various prospects in life will be so similar that they will get along like a house on fire. The love for variety will never allow boredom to creep in the relationship. What more, they will even not need too many friends, as they will find the best companion in each other only.

Gemini Woman and Aquarius Man Marriage Compatibilty :

For a Gemini woman, there can be no better match than an Aquarius male. Only an Aquarian can stimulate her mentally and match her intellectual levels. The unpredictability in both of them will imbibe the thirst for new adventures and varieties in life. They will be rather driven by their spontaneous impulses from within rather than planned and measured steps, as for both of them chalking out rules are irritating. An Aquarian man can understand his Geminian woman so much so that he will not even need words to read what she actually wants from him.

Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility Percentage

Geminis are in a way more sentimental and subjective. The objective and pragmatic approach of the Aquarius can at times hurt the Geminian and lead the relation to odd misunderstandings. The medicine is a clear communication between the partners.

‘Abnormal’ is the norm when it comes to an Aquarius and Gemini couple. They should learn to accept each other’s odd characteristics as the part and parcel of the partner and not condemn and criticize them. This is the way that can make the weaknesses turn into the strengths of the relationship.

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