Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility: Not a Match Made in Heaven

Seen from the astrological point of view, Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility is not a very compatible match. While a Cancerian is extremely emotional and an Aquarian on the other hand, is a lone wolf, still having a lot of friends. While a Cancerian is very closely attached to his/her family, an Aquarian is attached emotionally to almost no one. The tastes and interests of an Aquarian changes with time and preference of the individual of the sun sign. So, when an Aquarian and a Cancerian are together, the compatibility factor is not that smooth. While the Crab looks for intimacy, love and attention to feel assured, the Water Bearer strives for freedom. The result is a complete mess as both of them fail to understand each other completely.

Now, if an Aquarian and a Cancerian are in a serious relationship, there are some positive factors too which both of them inflict on each other. An Aquarian can teach the Cancerian to remain a bit detached from the worldly ties and look at matters at times from the perspective of the head, not the heart alone. On the other hand, the Cancerian can tame the arrogant ways of an Aquarian and teach him/her the art of intimacy, bliss of love, and the joy of togetherness. An Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility can work fine, just that, both the individuals have to recognize and admit each other’s traits, likings and dislikes as completely different individuals.

The Compatibility Quotient: Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman

When in a relationship, the man is a Cancerian and the woman, an Aquarian, the man can be hurt profusely by her refusal to melt. She will not be able to understand the depth sought in her by her partner. What she will be seeking in her partner will be an intellectual soulmate whereas the Man will be in need of an emotional refuge in the partner, someone to just love and cuddle. This can prove deadly boring to the Aquarian woman who wants mental stimulation from her partner. While at first, the passion and possessiveness of the Cancerian can attract the Aquarian woman, the possibilities of a long-term relationship is ruled out. The emotional extravaganza in the Cancer man sends out a vibe of repulsion to the realistic and indecisive Aquarius women. In a word, the clingy Crab may pose too morose for the amiable Aquarian.

The Compatibility Quotient: Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man

The Aquarian man and the Cancer woman are completely different from each other. The quest for freedom of the Aquarian man will send out constant signals of detachment to the Cancerian while she will be always seeking love, attention and security in her man, the deprivation of which can drive her to severe depression. The Aquarian, as a part of his jovial nature will naturally have many friends from both the sexes. That is more likely to make her feel insecure. The situations will turn worse as the Aquarian may not ever realize it. Her emotional vulnerability will be hurt by his intellectual quests of freedom.

This match can only work if either of the partners has a flexible mind and make lots of adjustments. It is not a hopeless case of opposites colliding in the worst possible way, with lot of respect and conscious effort of consideration for each other, an Aquarian man and the Cancer woman can broaden their respective horizons in life with each other’s influence. After all, Aquarians also need love and security as an individual. The only difference being their way of expression, - their concept of love an inner feeling than any outer show of the same.

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