Side Effects After Appendectomy

The surgery of appendix has become so easy and timeless that patient can come back home within few hours of surgery. The surgery of appendix can be done in two ways:-open surgery and laparoscopically.Inopen surgery a cut is made in the abdomen of the patient and after examining the infected appendix is taken out. In Laparoscopic surgery, 3-4 small cut is made in the abdomen of the patient and then camera is inserted to locate the infected appendix and then they take out it. In both the procedure infected appendix is taken out so that it should not get burst and all the infectious toxic should not merge in the blood stream.

Advantages of Appendectomy

Laparoscopic appendectomy is preferable by patients as it is convient from both patient point of view and surgeon point of view. This surgery takes less time and efforts. The procedure of appendectomy is safe and less time consuming. The main advantage of appendectomy is that it relives the patient from unbearable pain which cannot be removed or lessen by any medications. The recovery of this surgery is faster and patient can go home after getting back in his consciousness. The main advantage of appendectomy is that after being operated patient can come back in his normal life and starts his work as he does early.

Disadvantages of Appendectomy

The disadvantages of open appendectomy are that it leaves the scar of surgery that is few inches long which cannot be minimise by any procedure. Laparoscopic appendectomy also leaves the scar but it is not that much long as in open appendectomy. The disadvantage of Laparoscopic appendectomy is that it is costly as compared to open appendectomy that why patients don’t avail the benefit of it. The patients who are suffering from cardiac disease should not go for Laparoscopic appendectomy or those who already has gone through abdominal surgery. Before the surgery a strong antibiotic is given to the patient (i.e. narcotic pain) in order to control the pain which shows its side effects after the surgery.

Appendectomy Side Effects

When the patient come across with appendectomy its natural that he suffer with some side effects(that to depend upon person to person).patient may have fever for period of time, whenever he lifts any heavy material he may feel pain in his abdomen and sometimes pain may increase. Patient is given strong antibiotic in order to dry the wound which may react with him or he may feel dizziness all the time. As the patient is not able to do his normal work, as bringing back in normal life takes some time so he is not able to do his normal work, so the patient may suffer from stress.