Appendectomy Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Appendectomy

Bacteria destroying protein called immunoglobulins is produced by appendix which help to fight with the infections in our body. Appendicitis is one of the most common surgical problems. The treatment of appendicitis is the removal of infected appendix. In general laparoscopic appendectomies surgeons operate through 3 little incisions. In some other cases one of the small openings may be about 2-3 inches to complete the whole procedure. The result may vary from patient to patient depending upon his type of procedure and the condition of the patient. 

Preparation for Appendectomy

Appendectomy requires a general anaesthesia as it is done on emergency basis. After patient sleeps breathing tube is inserted into his mouth and windpipe to help him breath easily during procedure. In a simple appendectomy surgeon will make a type of incision necessary for the procedure either he will make a single large incision for the traditional open appendectomy, or he will make several small keyholes incisions for the laparoscopic appendectomy. In laparoscopic appendectomy doctors uses a tool called a trocar to make an opening or keyhole near the navel. Carbon dioxide gas is pumped through this port to puff up the abdomen so its contents can become easy to view. Then surgeon will make another hole from which he will pass all the surgical instruments. Then surgeon inserts the laparoscope from the first hole or opening. It will allow surgeons to see the images from its camera onto the video monitor in the operating room. The basic method of removal of appendix is same in both whether it is traditional method or it is laparoscopic method. To prevent the bleeding surgeon will tie the blood vessels in the area. After this surgical instruments are used by the surgeons to grasp the appendix, isolate it from the surroundings, separate it from the intestine and remove it from the abdomen. After the procedure the keyhole incisions are closed with sutures. Dressing id is done with bandage. A drain may be placed during the procedure but it will be removed before patients leave the hospital. The patient should talk to the doctor if he has fever, bleeding, increased abdominal swelling, chills, persist nausea or vomiting,  and unable to eat and drink anything.

Process of Appendectomy

It is a major surgical operation so it should be done by a surgeon in the operating room of the hospital. Anaesthetist should be present there at the time of surgery to administer the dose of anaesthetic. The preparation takes about one or two hours that includes signing of operative consents, the procedure of patient identification, evaluation by the anaesthetist and moving the patient to the operating suites. Sometimes if patient is ill and has had protracted vomiting then a delay of some hours may be needed to give the patient necessary fluids and antibiotics.