Appendectomy Precautions

Now, it becomes common to hear that a person has passed through an appendix surgery. The surgery of appendix in which it is taken out from the abdomen due to some infection is known as appendectomy. It is a simple procedure of giving the general anaesthesia to the patient and making a small cut in the right side of the abdomen and taking out appendix which is finger shaped organ. Mainly when the person feels pain in the abdomen or feels vomiting all the time or having fever over a period of time then it mean that his appendix has got some infection. As there is no medicine or any cure to stop the pain from appendix, therefore it is preferable to remove appendix as soon as possible. Because severe condition can lead to rapture of the appendix or swelling may arise in the abdomen which means all the infectious material will mix into bloodstream and causes death of the person.

Precautions Before Appendectomy

  • Patient should be given an antibiotic for healing as these help in fight with germs and infections. 

  • Doctor should also prescribe some pain killer as this will help the patient in controlling pain without rushing to the doctor every time.

  • Patient should make a list of his questions to be asked from the doctor before hand.

After  Appendectomy

  • After the surgery patient is allowed to move and to take few steps. In this case he should be careful for his stitches.

  • After the surgery patient is not allowed to eat. He is given a liquid diet and small amount of water. After few hours he is started with solid food if he handles it.

  • Patient is allowed to start his normal activity as his will help him to heal up the injury.

  • Patient should take as much rest as possible.

  • Patient should try to support his abdomen when he coughs because while coughing he put lots of strain which can be dangerous.

  • After surgery patient should not change his side directly as this may put strain on the abdomen. He should first place the pillow on the abdomen the put the pressure on the pillow and he should shift.  

  • If the patient is suffering from excessive pain then he should refer to the doctor. As pain can cause a barrier in the healing process.

  • Patient should try to keep himself happy without taking any stress and engage himself in some work without thinking that he has gone in some surgery procedure.

  • Try to take a good diet because one can only heal up fast if he has vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients in his diet.

  • After surgery for fast healing one should take all medicines in time. As routine medications can help in bringing the patient back in normal life. 

  • Patient should take care of his wound at the time of bathing. He should clean the wound apply an ointment and change the bandage when required.

Appendectomy Recovery

The recovery of appendectomy is fast and rapid. In most cases patient is send home after few hours of rest and patient can again start his normal activities. But in complex surgery patient is allowed to stay in the hospital for few days for observations and in case of rupture appendix surgery patient can go home after 7-8 days.