Anxiety Home Remedies

Anxiety Home Remedies

Facing a moment of anxious or worry is very common once in a while now-a-days in our busy lives. But when anxiety plays an important and major role in your life, then we experience fear, worry and feelings get jumbled.  A reasonable quantity of anxiety is good for anyone, but when it exceeds it creates a problem, this is when we require attention and action to control the anxiety.

Causes of Anxiety

  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Personality
  • Genetics
  • Childhood memories

Home Remedies For Anxiety

  • Tea plays a major role to cure stress and anxious behavior and even sets the mind calm. The various types of teas which help to reduce the anxiousness are cloves, chamomile, orange blossoms, and thyme.
  • Exercise plays a key role since staying fit helps most of the physical and mental problems of a person. Some of the simple exercises like jump rope, walking on the treadmill, climbing the stairs, jumping jacks can help a lot to reduce anxious.
  • Aromatherapy- There are hundreds of aromatic essential oils, which reduces the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Using some of the herbs and aromas which you like, will help to treat your symptoms of anxiety.
  •  Vitamin supplements- If you are anxious, then you have to check the vitamin levels of your body. Once you have the result you can choose the vitamin supplements which you are low on. Generally people who suffer with anxiety needs Magnesium, calcium and B-complex vitamin supplements.
  • Caffeine- Anxiety gets worse if you intake more caffeine. Reducing caffeine products like coffee, tea, chocolates and coca-cola reduces the anxiety.
  • Deep breathing- Certain breathing techniques help in calming down anxiety.
  • Childhood flashbacks- In some people the sweet and simple memories of their childhood helps in treating the anxiety.
  • Hydrotherapy- This therapy uses cold, hot, icy or steamy water to relieve the discomfort of anxiety. This therapy is also called as water therapy.
  • Talking to friends, relatives, parents, sisters can also help you when you feel anxiety.
  • Warm bath- Taking a warm bath or relaxing in a hot tub, listening to music makes you relax, feel great and hence reduces the anxiety.
  •  Reading a book- Just open one of your favorite author’s book when you feel anxiety to reduce the anxiousness.
  • Artificial sweeteners- Splenda, neutri sweet, and equal are some of the artificial sweeteners which increases the anxiety attacks, reducing them helps in treating anxiety.
  •   Maintaining a healthy diet and eating right, and avoiding oily, fat and sugary foods help to cut down the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Eating a banana, or drinking juice or plain water also helps in preventing anxiety.
  • Counting numbers or saying tables also helps in controlling anxiety.
  • If you want peace of mind and stress free life, talking about the feelings of anxiety to family members helps.
  • Sleep well as sleeping helps in controlling anxiety and makes your mood fresh.

Try these remedies one by one until you find the one which works and relieves the symptoms of anxiety. After performing some of the remedies, if you still feel anxiety and stress, visiting the doctor is always suggested.