Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga is a modern school which teaches Hatha Yoga. Its renowned yoga teacher named John Friend started this modern school which is completely dedicated in teaching Anusara yoga. He has been a highly trained yoga instructor for lot of years in the 1990s. After gaining enough experience in the teaching yoga and understanding the essence of its actions, in 1997 he started this school. Yoga combines the physical and spiritual parts of the body. In Anusara yoga, the asanas are concentrated on opening your heart and accepting the goodness of the world. You will be explained in detail how anusara yoga is beneficial to you in the contemporary world.

Meaning of Anusara

Anusara is pronounced by splitting the word into 4 parts. ‘a-nu-sar-a’. It means flowing with the nature. Following you heart or flowing with grace. The asanas or postures in this yoga are very graceful and elegant. This is to make your body acceptable to anything that is positive. You need to prepare your body to accept as much of goodness as possible. Just like, how too much of sweet is not good for health. Anything in excess is not acceptable by the body. Therefore you need to build your body to receive as much goodness and positive energy as possible. This is done by fitting yourself in the flow of nature.

Philosophy of Anusara yoga

Anusara yoga has a tantric philosophy which will enhance your intrinsic goodness. It has some basic principle in its philosophy which is known as Universal Principle of Alignment. Principles of alignment are well respected as they prevail in every part of the nature. There are three main aspects of Anusara yoga. They are Attitude, Alignment and Action. Every asana is based on these three postures. The importance of each of the aspect is explained below.

  • Attitude is the force with which you express yourself. Friend describes attitude as “power of the heart as the force behind every action or expression in an asana.” If used properly it can rejuvenate the essence of celebration of life.
  • Alignment is a much broader concept which one has to understand carefully. There are various universal principles which are involved in alignment. Friend describes alignment with the following words “mindful awareness of how various parts of ourselves are interconnected and integrated”. There are 5 major principles in the universal alignment principles.
    • Opening to grace is to align with the supreme consciousness.
    • Muscular energy is used to concentrate on a focal point. This is to increase stability, strength and physical integration in the body.
    • Inner spiral starts from the feet to the pelvis area.  This will help you rotate the legs inwards and the thighs backwards.
    • Outer spiral runs from the waist line to the feet. This is quite contradictory to the inner spiral. Here you turn your feet outwards and pelvis and things inside.
    • Organic Energy is the energy which you have collected at the focal point. You release this energy to the periphery of the body and increase your body’s flexibility and freedom.
  • Action is the natural flow of energy in the body.  Action provides stability to the body and freedom.

Benefits of Anusara yoga

Anusara yoga is inclined to developing your all round health. Your mental and physical healths are simultaneously developed. Here is a list of advantages due to Anusara yoga.

  • You feel energized after every session.
  • The asanas which are taught in Anusara yoga are heart oriented and heart opening exercises.
  • The lifestyle of a person who is regularly practicing Anusara yoga is healthy and radiant.

It makes your body young and flexible. Even in old age, people can sustain the body. It brings a balance between the body and mind.