Anti Wrinkle Tips And Ways to Reduce Anti Wrinkle Tips

Anti Wrinkle Tips And Ways to Reduce Anti Wrinkle Tips

Does your skin make your look more than your age or is it giving away your age? Well, you can hide a lot number of years of your life under a smooth and wrinkle free skin if you care for it properly.

If you think that wrinkles are a mark of age and these natures's line can never be redone, then you are wrong. You can reduce the appearance of wrinkle on your face and body and look young and beautiful for years to come if you start to care for yourself when you step into middle age or even before it. But remember there is no magic bullet against wrinkles, and the only thing you can do is to reduce and slow down these lines from victimising our looks.

Try these out and fight the wrinkles

Say no to Sun   

Sunscreen is the only alternative magic bullet against all your skin problems. Why??? Coz the 'hot and bright' sun is the main cause of most of them; dark spots, blemishes, wrinkles, patchy skin everything is somehow related to the time you expose your skin to sun. So the best way to have a healthy skin is to stay AWAY from sun and to use the sunscreen lotion when you are in or out of your house. And remember use them on your hands and any exposed parts if you want a beautiful you rather that just a pretty face.

Scrub off your dead skin

Scrubbing off your dead skin with a mild scrub can help you to have a healthy skin as scrubbing not just exfoliates the skin, it also helps to clean off dirt and give your skin a glowing complexion. But remember to scrub just once in a while and to use a mild facial scrub as you don’t have to scour off even you healthy skin cells.


Keeping your skin moisturised and supple also helps to keep the wrinkle far, far away from you. Use a good moisturiser daily after washing your face and hands and keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day. Moisturising night cream also keeps you fresh all night long while you are resting.

Massage and facials

Everyone loves to be pampered, so does your skin. Treat your skin to occasional facials and rejuvenating massages to keep it healthy and to improve blood circulation. You can take an expert advice on the type of facials and massage that will suit your skin and age to keep your skin feeling happy and young. Massage can also reduce the accumulation of toxins and antioxidants and help to improve your skin considerably from inside out.

Let your skin rest

Lip colour, compact, foundation creams and mascara can make you look more attractive and catchy. But remember to give your skin a break and let it breath once in a while. Clean off your make up completely every day before you go to the bed and also allot a few days in a month when you are  enjoy a 'no makeup day'. And if you don’t prefer to go out without your makeup, then your no makeup day can be on the weekend or any holiday you decide to stay home. But remember to apply your sunscreen even on the no makeup days. You can even try out the different cosmetics which are now available in the market which boast about being natural and proven to create minimal side effects and rashes so that they don’t cause much problem to your skin.

Eat your way to healthy skin

Drinking lot of water can always help to make your skin look healthy and young and at the same time fight off the wrinkles that try to attack your skin. Similarly food with high amount of antioxidants can fight off the damage being done by the everyday exposure to pollution, dust and stress.

Green tea and food rich in omega 3 and mega 6 fatty acids are also proven to fight skin ageing and wrinkles. They also help by reducing the damages caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Exercises for Wrinkles

Can exercise fight wrinkles? Well it is an yes and a no at same time… though it can't help to erase the wrinkles formed or reduce the wrinkles that might appear, it can help you to have a healthy body and soul and make you age slowly. So exercise though not directly beneficial to get a wrinkle free skin can help you to have  a healthy looking skin and a stress free soul and body which is a key to remain young and gorgeous forever.

So the magic to a healthy wrinkle free skin is to care for it and protect it from sun, pollutants, and to keep it clean, and moisturised and pampered.