Anti Ageing Skin Care

Anti Ageing Skin Care

Ageing has always been a problem of people since a long time. Stories were told where the witches would use a spell and would easily reverse her age. This is the wish of most of the women now. But science is not yet ready to accept defeat. There are many medicines which are used now to reverse the ageing effect or at least stop the ageing effects. Many elements are involved in the ageing process prostate size, the skin texture, hair loss etc.

As skin covers the body from head to toe, it becomes the most evident sign for ageing. The ability to retain water is one of the major aspects of ageing. Water content will help your skin to remain soft and young. The ageing effect of humans is varied depending on many factors. The weather in which the person is staying, the kind of food the person eats and most importantly the body composition. Depending on these factors the skin ageing can be determined.

How to Remain Young

One can stay young by having a very good skin texture. The body needs to be able to supplement skin necessities till a long time. For these reasons there are many anti ageing treatments which most of the people are recommended. But before going ahead with the treatment you should also be responsible enough to carry out your responsibilities and take care of your skin at the basic level. Here are some basic which one has to follow to have healthy skin-

•    First and foremost is the kind of food you eat. It is very necessary that you eat a lot of healthy food. Try to avoid oily stuff and eat lot of leafy vegetables. A balanced diet will provide your body with all the kind of supplements that help the body get nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are the best to keep your skin glowing.

•    Proper physical exercise. The body should drain out its toxic water through sweat. When the body sweats more all the waste products will grain out of the body which will keep the body healthy. 

•    Stress is another cause of faster ageing. Avoid stressful work or things of that sought. Having a calm and composed mind will also give you a good healthy look.

•    Most important would be water intake. The more water you drink the better for your skin. The minimum water intake should be 8-10 glasses a day. 

•    Avoid using skin products on a regular basis. Constant abuse of chemical will also spoil the texture of your skin.

Best Skin Care Treatment

At some point the body tends to deteriorate from its original beauty. This is an unavoidable process of the body. The body will slowly build a mechanism which will supply more nutrients to the weaker part of the body than the other parts. Skin is one such organ which may not get lot of nutrients once the body starts to age. Around the age of 30 we can make out evident change in the body. Some of the important treatments which will help you curb these changes are given below.

•    Ayurvedic treatment is considered the best treatment as it is done by using natural elements. As there are no chemicals involved in it, ayurveda will be the best treatment which will help reduce ageing effect. 

•    Honey, lemon juice and fruits with citric acid are the best to have when you are having an aging effect. Honey is exceptionally good for dry skin. 

•    Oil massages are also good in curbing ageing effects. There are many massage centers which are officially good at giving massages which take care of the skin.