Anti Ageing Finasteride

Anti Ageing Finasteride

Finasteride is known for its anti ageing effects. It is proven to be effective on hair loss and prostate size. Anti ageing finasteride has gain popularity in the recent years as it has helped many people in reducing their hair fall. DHT (di-hydro-testosterone) which is a major cause of ageing is curbed by finasteride. This gives the effect of anti ageing to the user of this drug.

What is Finasteride

Antiandrogens or 5-alpha reductase inhibitors are the drugs which will reduce the effect of androgens. Finasteride belongs to this family of drugs. That is the reason why finasteride has the nature of slowing the process of ageing. An enzyme which is called as 5-alpha reductase acts on the testosterones and then it converts it into a hormone called DHT. DHT is considered to be the ageing factor which will increase the prostate levels in men. Other side effects of high levels of prostate are baldness, wrinkled skin etc.

The name under which finasteride is sold is Proscar. Proscar is the popular name of finasteride. There are other names also which is given to finasteride. They are Propecia, Finast, Gefina etc. Finasteride is an oral drug which works from the inside of the body. It emphasizes on blocking the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. People who suffer with high prostate hypertrophy or prostate cancer, for these patients finasteride is advised.

Anti Ageing Effect by Finasteride

The findings of the effect of finasteride were first observed in 1997. It was observed that the usage of this drug helped men grow back their hair. Hence it was approved by FDA to prescribe it for men who are balding. The anti-ageing effect of the drug is considered to be more psychological than medical. Due to the re-growth of hair, men seem to look more confident and young. This will in turn make the person look at himself in a positive perspective which makes him more agile and active. Finasteride may not help in removing wrinkle but it sure stops the enlargement of the prostate.

Though Proscar is the popular drug which found in the market, Propescia is also equally effective. There are mixed reaction from men who use Propescia. Comparatively, it has many positive effect of anti ageing.  It has a better effect of prostate and also improves the urinary flow. In some cases it was found that it halts the growth of prostate to a considerable way. 

Side Effects of Finasteride

Though not major side effects are observed, there are some side effects of finasteride. Few men are observed to develop impotency and their sex drive was reduced than normal. Even in these cases, when these men were clinically tested the results showed less than 2% change in their normal ability.

On the contrary, in women there are some evident side effects which were observed. Some of the listed side effects are harsh birth defects and abnormal delivery. Therefore, women are advised not to have anti ageing finasteride when they are pregnant.

The above reasons show that, there is still scope of perfecting the anti ageing drug using finasteride. Therefore consult a physician before going for anti ageing finasteride.