Anjali Mudra

Anjali Mudra
  • Anjali Mudra is one of the asanas practiced in Yoga. Like every other asana in Yoga, this too comes with a predetermined posture and certain techniques. Also like every other asana, Anjali Mudra has a host of benefits for the practitioner. The literal translation of the word “mudra” means “seal”.
  • Thus one can translate Anjali Mudra as a way to seal the energy of the divine and human both intact. The word Anjali means an offering or benediction. This particular asana is also called Atmanjali Mudra or Hrdayanjali Mudra.
  • The posture and technique involved is quite simple to understand and emulate. To perform this particular asana one has to first begin with sitting cross legged while evenly positioning the body.
  • To get the posture of the hands perfect one has to bring their fingertips together but in a light manner. There should not be any intense pressure in the fingers but the posture should be such that there should be a slight sense of heat in between the palms. Then one has to lift the hands in the same fashion till the breastbone while keeping the elbows parallel to the floor.
  • The thumbs meanwhile should be held against the chest. One should not slouch but sit erect with the entire torso straight while the shoulder blades should be drawn back.
  • If one can do all of this without any mistakes then they can successfully perform Anjali Mudra. The benefits of this asana are many. First and foremost this asana increases the ability of a person to focus and not lose concentration. It also helps in establishing calm and peace in to various aspects of one’s life. This asana is also helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. Stress and unnecessary anxiety are the pre dominant factors which lead to other dangerous diseases.
  • Practicing this asana does not only get rid of unwanted stress but also infuses a lot of positive energy in their lives. It has a huge positive effect on the personality of the person practicing this asana as well.