Animal Stack as the Best Bodybuilding Supplement for Mass & Benefits, Dosage

Animal Stack Supplement

It’s everybody’s dream to have a great body and a good physique.The basic aim of any training program is to promote tissue growth and muscle strength. Anabolic hormones like testosterone, growth hormones can make a marked difference when it comes to muscle formation. Muscle rebuilding fundamentally takes place because of important hormonal secretions.

About Animal Stack

Animal Stack, is a very popular weightlifting supplement that includes 8 stacks - prohormones, lutenizing hormone, growth hormones, thermogenics, liver support, DHT blockers, estrogen blockers, vitamins and minerals supplements.

Animal Stack contains natural testosterone complex that helps in promoting the testosterone and IGF -1 production, which is responsible for muscle tissue development and endurance.  Animal Stack also contains a growth hormone that naturally shoots up the levels of body’s own growth hormone.

Animal Stack is also powered by liver detoxifiers that help in maintaining optimum functioning of the liver. On the other hand, the supplement also contains certain vasodilatation agents that widen the blood vessels supplying more blood to the much needed muscles while performing weightlifting and other hard physical workouts.

Benefits of Animal Stack Supplement

Everything in Animal Stack is completely natural; hence it has many benefits:

  • modulate hormone levels naturally

  • promote overall testosterone and growth hormone levels

  • suppress unwanted cortical levels

  • gain in size, strength, and body composition

  • gain in muscle mass, loss in body fat

Dosage of Animal Stack Supplement

For best results, consume one pack of animal stack daily for 3 weeks. On a normal basis, the supplement is advised on empty stomach, approximately half an hour before hitting the gym.

Side-Effects of Animal Stack Supplement

Like all other supplements, overdose of animal stack can also be harmful leading to:

  • Hot flashes

  • Ulcers

  • Liver disorders

  • High blood sugar

  • Cardiac arrhythmias

  • Increased breast size

  • Smaller testicle size

  • Infertility in males along with increased hair growth

  • Females may develop a deeper voice along with an enlarged clitoris

Individuals below 18 should not take this supplement. Pregnant women should avoid taking animal stack.

If the person experiences signs of sleeplessness, nausea, nervousness, loss of appetite, discontinue animal stack supplement and consult the doctor to avoid any further side effects.


Animal Stack is the best possible supplement available if one wants to enhance strength and stamina. Like all other Animal products, Animal Stack is a comprehensive supplement delivered in individual packs. Each pack contains effective doses of patented and verified potent ingredients. Consult your doctor and enter the world of fitness with this effective supplement.

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