Angelina Jolie Makeup and Look Alike Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Makeup and Look Alike Angelina Jolie

Whatever notion you carry for her, you have to admit, somewhere in the back of your mind, you desire for some Angelina Jolie makeup tricks. She manages to draw the line between a natural and glamorous look, irrespective of the occasion. Those large, speaking eyes and the toothsome lips she has, contribute to her overall great look, but those are just the part of her beauty.

The Eyes

If you look closely, most of the time you can see professionally applied liner and shadows in shades that fuse with her skin tone.

Get the Look

If you want your eye makeup should stay all day, apply a base first. Once the base dries, choose an eye shadow color matching your skin tone but simply a touch of shimmer. Sweep that on beginning from your eyelashes going up to your brow. Have a little darker shade to administer in your crease using a tapered shadow brush. If you have deep eyes, sweep the color out of the lash root and up slightly so that it appears when your eyes are open.

Now, come to the eyeliner. You'll require facilitating a process termed as tight-lining to obtain the look of lush lashes and a natural look. Line the inner roots of your lashes rather than simply below and above the lashes. You can also use a gel, pencil, or cake liner. Wind up by using some mascara of your selection and, if you like, false lashes can also decorate your eyes.

Regenerate Angelina Jolie's “Wanted” Eye

Angelina Jolie, an American actress, is popular for her character in the "Tomb Raider" films along with the film "Wanted." In "Wanted," in several scenes Angelina displays a dark smoky eye look. This look features black shadow that is defined by a sheer charcoal color in the crease. This look also features fully drown upper and lower lash lines, unlike one or the other, which is certainly the most dark eye looks. Any skin color can flaunt this smoky eye look along with any hair and eye color. Angelina's look will best suit you in the evening with a long wavy or an up do hairstyle.

Things Required

  • Eye primer
  • Liner brush
  • Shadow brush
  • Highlighting brush
  • Crease brush
  • Sheer charcoal gray eye shadow
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Skin-toned eye shadow
  • Black mascara


  • Use eye primer to the brow bone and also to eyelids using your fingers. Eye primer inhibits eye shadow from breaking. It is generally available in a gel or cream form. Any of this form can be utilized for this makeup application.
  • Administer black eyeliner to your upper and lower eyelash crease. Ensure that your line is clear and straight on the upper lash line.
  • Facilitate a liner brush to daub outer two-thirds of your lower eyelash line. It will generate a slightly messy appearance displaying the overall smoky eye effect. 
  • Apply black eye shadow to the eyelid using a shadow brush.
  • Now apply a skin-toned eye shadow to the eyebrow bone facilitating a highlighting brush.
  • Take a crease brush to mix a charcoal gray eye shadow into the eye crease. To fuse, just sweep the charcoal color from the outer corner towards the inner crease area. Continue doing this until the charcoal color evenly merges with the black shadow.
  • Apply black mascara to the upper eyelash line just to give it a finishing look.

The Lips

Angelina Jolie generally doesn't opt for bright colored lips and goes for a natural look rather. That is the reason, when girls go to imitate that perfect nude lips they refer to Angelina's lips. Her lips look supple, soft, and certainly seductive and voluptuous. Go for that product which makes a crowd-pleasing shade called Blankety; it has a creamy finish without much of any undertone. Nudes often tend to turn peach, pink, or may look too gray. Other good ones which you can try are - Clinique Soft Shine Lipstick in Glow Bronze, Rimmel Birthday Suit, or MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick.

You can also try applying foundation or a light concealer to your lips before the application of any kind of lipstick.

The Face

One of the unique features about Angelina's look is her bone built. The good news is, if you don't flaunt it, you can wear the look with contouring. Apply a bronzer right below your cheekbones, at your hairline, on your temples, and beneath your chin. The best way to apply is with an angled blush brush. Don’t forget to add the color gradually and blend well (downward) to ward off harsh lines.

Highlight your features further using a natural gush of color on your cheeks. Give a try to Cover Girl Classic Color Blush in Natural Glow on your cheek bones, on the bridge of your nose, and in the middle of your forehead.

If you're clueless about foundation, choose some product with matte or satin in finish. You will not look too "dewy" or too done. Angelina Jolie looks always rejuvenated hence mineral makeup is the right path to try. If you're not that comfortable with those, try out Estee Lauder, Colorstay, Double Wear, Revlon, or Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation.