Angel Kiss Birthmarks

Angel Kiss Birthmarks

Ever observed a reddish mark on your baby when she was born which looks like an angel? Well don’t you worry about it, it is just a birthmark. They are the most common type of birthmarks which are observed in babies and sometimes in adults too. These birthmarks are also known as salmon patches or stork bites. Some doctors refer to these birthmarks as macular stain also. It is a fact that 40% of the newborns are born with angel kiss birthmark. It is not at all a cause of alarm as there is no harm done to the baby. The article gives you an in detail explanation about angle kiss birthmarks.

What is an Angle Kiss Birthmark

An angle kiss birthmark is nothing but a cluster of blood vessels which have not separated properly. This is not a cause of alarm as they do separate as the baby grows. Over the course of time the blood flowing through the baby will help the blood vessels to expand and in turn separate from one another. In the early stages of growth, babies tend to have thinner skin and hence the blood vessels are more evident under the skin. 

The common locations where an angel kiss birthmark is observed are behind the neck and in between the eyebrows. The color of the birthmark keeps changing depending on the mood of the baby. In more medical terms, when the blood pressure of the baby is high the birthmark seems to look darker.

The birthmark tends to fade away within a matter of a year or so. There are very slight chances that the birthmark being carried till adulthood. Even if it does, the birthmark is very light colored and is not easily noticeable.


The cause of the birthmark is because of the blood vessels. The capillaries which are grouped together form a mark on top of the skin which looks like a small red patch which has jagged edges. The birthmark fades away over time. The baby develops the blood vessels once the baby comes out of the womb and during this there is a possibility of few blood vessels clustering together which lead to the angle kiss birthmark.

Changes that are Observed

Once the baby comes out of the mother’s womb, the birthmark slowly degrades and at one point it will vanish. There are very rare cases where the birthmark may continue to stay with the baby till adulthood. But there is nothing to worry as these birthmarks will not be evident after a certain period of time. Generally the birthmarks vanish within a month time.


There is no particular treatment which can be given to angel kiss birthmarks. Patience is all you will need in such case. The birthmark tends to clear itself on its own most of the times. The birthmark takes its own time to disappear, so even if it takes a pinch longer doesn’t panic as you can observe that it will definitely be fading. There are no side effects to these birthmarks also.

If the birthmarks continue to remain even in adulthood, then it is advisable to consult a dermatologist. Most common treatment given to these birthmarks is laser treatment.