Anesthesia Epidural Precautions

Precautions of Epidural Anaesthesia: Before and After

There are few things that you have to keep in mind while you are going to take anaesthesia epidural. Patient will be given an IV on the arm. This is done to give medical team access to your veins. It is used to in cases of emergency medications and is also used to keep you hydrated as you will not be allowed to have anything with an epidural in place. Ensuring one more thing before an epidural is also important that your body should be well hydrated. You will be given fluids before an epidural; it is done to expand the blood volume to prevent your blood pressure from going down or causing foetal distress when the epidural process starts. Patient will get continuous liquids for the duration of the labour and birth. The epidural catheter is removed with an hour or two after the birth of the baby if mother had a vaginal birth. It is generally not painful but a strange feeling comes as catheter is pulled from the back of the mother. In case of caesarean surgery, sometimes the catheter will stay in for some more time to help provide mother with pain relief after surgery. If patient or mother is having a tubal ligation, her tubes tied, after she gives birth, the epidural catheter will stay in its place until after her surgery. Her catheter will be removed by the anaesthesiologist or trained nurse.

Recovery from Epidural Anaesthesia

Patient report being able to wiggle their toes and slow return to the sensation within hours as the epidural medication discontinued. It depends on which type of epidural was given to you – bolus or continuous. In continuous epidural you come back to sensation as the medication is stopped whether in bolus the return of sensation depends upon the last dose given. Patient can experience shaking, tingling, numbness and other sensations in their legs during this period or may be after. If patient feel any uneasiness then she should tell this matter to her doctor. Once you give birth to your baby, the epidural catheter is generally removed or pulled out after the repair of any tearing or your episiotomy. It is already discussed that caesarean surgery takes little more time but as the epidural catheter is pulled of you will start having sensation in your legs within few time. Most mothers are able to walk after some time of removal of catheter. But legs feel a bit weak. It is common and it does not mean that there is some kind of complications. If you are taking more than required time to recover then you can talk to your doctor.