Amniocentesis Precautions

Amniocentesis is a procedure of taking out small amount of amnio fluid from uterus for testing the developments of foetal. Foetal should not have any defect and if any, then proper treatment should be done in order to remove that defect. Or some parents may take a decision of abortion in severe cases. Amniocentesis is mostly done in 16-18 weeks of pregnancy that is called second trimester. But in some cases mother may opt to get it done in first trimester that is 11-16 weeks of pregnancy because it become easy to detect the problem in early stages or abortion can be possible in this stage. Also parents are less attached with their baby at early stages as compared to later ones.

Amniocentesis Precautions 

Although amniocentesis is a small procedure of taking out an amnio fluid, even then also high amount of carefulness is needed for the mother to avoid any accidents. Some of the precautions are:- 

Before Amniocentesis

  • Doctor should examine the patient thoroughly whether she is capable of going through this amniocentesis.

  • Parents should take complete detail information about amniocentesis whether it is safe for both baby and the mother and not causing any side effects.

  • Doctor should tell the parents about chances of miscarriages and other diseases.

  • Doctor should see that patient is 35 years old or more at time of delivery.

  • Doctor should recommend amniocentesis to the parent who has a family history of abnormalities or first child has some defect.

After Amniocentesis

  • After having this test there required a high amount of reassurance that everything will be fine in the test. As lots of stress and thinking can lead to miscarriage. So expected mother is required to take proper rest and care.

  • After test, women may feel uneasiness, dizziness, nausea, and a rapid heartbeat so after coming back in normal condition women should go home and take a proper rest.

  • Sometimes after the procedure patient can have vaginal bleeding in that case she should refer to the doctor as it can be dangerous.

  • After the test patient can also feel abdominal pain which gives the indication of premature labor.

  • Sometimes after the test patient may have some infection like leaking of amniotic fluid or unusual vaginal discharge which is not a good sign.

  • Patient can also suffer from fever in that case patient should go to doctor.

  • Professional counselling may be needed for` the patient. 

Amniocentesis Recovery

After the procedure is over, patient is given the permission to go back home after coming back in consciousness. The most important part is waiting of the result of the test in which patient need full care of the family members and attention from the doctor. Because there may be anxiety in the patient whether result will come positive or negative, in this circumstance she may think a lot and many accidents may happen. So patient should be requiring an emotional support from family for recovery.