American Home Maintenance

Owning a home is of the most precious and biggest single asset that the general American can have. This is true irrespective of economic scenario or uncertain prices in housing sector. The value of your property may be considerably greater two or three years ago but there are precautionary measures you can take to make the most of this very valuable asset.

Tips for American Home Maintenance

Well Maintained House

A well-maintained house is the greatest asset and ideal way to cut costs on prominent repairs but also to retain its optimum value. In future in any case if you would decide to sell it, you will get a good amount of as resale value and find this idea very valuable.

Thorough Inspection of your House

The last time you made a complete and comprehensive inspection of your house was possibly before you bought it more than 15 years earlier. But in the guidelines of American Home Maintenance, you need to conduct yet another thorough inspection of the entire house and structure.

Hire Professional Building Inspector

A complete examination of the whole house should be undertaken on a regular basis. Employing an expert building inspector is also a great help to identify potential problems prior to the damages that result in expensive repairs. This habit can enable lower your maintenance cost where general repairs are needed rather than more severe and extensive maintenance work.

Maintain a Log Book

Another helpful idea in addition to a regular inspection is maintaining a log book which would indicate all the maintenance tasks conducted in your house starting from the time when you moved in. By keeping a track of these repairs, you will be able to check the maintenance details encompassing the condition of the repairs as well as the expenses.

Keep Aside a Separate Budge for Home Maintenance

Setting aside a separate budget for house maintenance purpose is yet another prudent idea as you will always require some repair work to conduct in your house. By retaining a maintenance fund, it will save you a lot of complications in terms of repairs which is absolutely necessary.

Preventive Maintenance Can Save Major Repairs Costs

A round of preventive maintenance can also be crucial where problems are ascertained and corrected while at an initial stage which could mean good savings for you in the long run. This can be comparable to treating an illness.

Fire Place and Chimney Maintenance

Half of all American homes have a fireplace and several of these have multiple fireplaces. A fireplace is a good process to warm up the room and obviously makes a house feel a lot more like a home. Still there are some very severe potential threats that can come from fireplace use. Even if you're well acquainted with fire safety guidelines, techniques and have some smoke detectors in your home, here are some of various other fireplace safety guidelines which you may not have considered.

Hire Chimney Specialist

One big trouble when it comes to fireplace maintenance is how tough it is to peep inside a chimney. Even if you go up on the roof it's virtually too dark and difficult to look into all the way inside. To top it, the most severe problem that can be witnessed in a chimney generally begins with the tinniest holes that can be tough to see if you are not trained to look for them. This is the reason most people hire chimney specialists or inspectors to come with their tools to get a good view inside the chimney and ascertain any apparent complication.

Chimney Examination is Imperative

A chimney examination is relatively less expensive and literally worth the money when you realize how much repairs and expenses from a house fire could cost you.

Don’t Burn Garbage in Fireplace

Never use charcoal in a fireplace as this emits very harmful fumes. In the same way, don't use lighter fluid to begin a fire in your fireplace. Another troublesome habit some people have is burning garbage in the fireplace. This should not be done as chemicals in this garbage are very harmful when burned. Specifically never put anything made of plastic in your fireplace.

Install Smoke Detectors in your House

Many people having fireplaces are recommended to have smoke detectors installed throughout their home. Simply having them is not enough. You should also need to ensure that the batteries have not run out; so, don’t forget to examine the detectors from time to time. Fireplace owners should also have carbon monoxide detectors in their home because carbon monoxide pollution is a real danger every time you burn a fire at your fireplace if there is not sufficient ventilation.

Clean Chimney Regularly

You should put effort to clean the top of chimney frequently. Or else creosote can build up on the chimney liner walls as a result of repeatedly burning fires. This can generate gases that are harmful for health and even catch on fire. Never use a fireplace or chimney that is not properly cleaned. How often it should be done will depend on the type of fuel you burn, the type of chimney you have, and how frequently you build fires hence only a professional chimney inspector can suggest you how often you need it done in your specific case.


Keeping a well-maintained home is not that easy but its rewards are beyond financial issues and self satisfaction. To live comfortably in a home of your own is something that several individuals can only dream about. By following the above guidelines of American Home Maintenance you can retain the real worth of your greatest asset.

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