Alpine Garden

Alpine Garden

A botanical garden that specializes in the alpine plants collection and cultivation is known as Alpine Gardens. These plants grow naturally all over the world at high altitudes. They are mostly found in areas such as the Rocky Mountains, Caucasus, Alps, Pyrenees and Himalayas.

The conditions of the plants place of origin is tried to be imitated by an alpinum. Non-natural conditions which exist in some areas, particularly mild or severe winters and large rainfall is one of the main obstacles in alpinum development. By growing plants in alpine greenhouses, this situation can be avoided as it tries to reproduce the ideal conditions.

Typical plants that are grown in Alpine Gardens are as follows

  • Gentiana
  • Androsace
  • Dianthus
  • Campanula (alpine species)
  • Globularia
  • Pulsatilla
  • Leontopodium
  • Primula (alpine species)

History of Alpine Gardens

Anton Kerner von Marilaun created the first true alpinum in the year 1875. It was created on the mountain Blaser, in Tyrol, Austria. The Alpines were grown at an altitude of 2190 meters above sea level.

Design of Alpine Gardens

Lot of preparation is requited when designing an Alpine Garden. Some factors that are kept in mind before embarking on this mammoth project are-

  • Situation of the garden;
  • Choice of rock for construction;
  • Sandstone and limestone are best favored;
  • Preparation of site;
  • A gentle slope is favored;
  • Natural contours of the land must be followed;

Architecture of Alpine Garden

Alpine Garden in the vicinity gives a good feeling especially during morning walks. Alpine sidewalks can be constructed. Choice of rock is very important while constructing an Alpine Garden. Sometimes 2 to 3 tones rock may be required. Sandstone and Lime stone are the most preferred rocks and the site should be prepared well in advance before rocks are ordered. Small flower beds can be constructed or a walkway of choicest flowers can be created giving it a colorful appearance. Lots of valleys and crevices are developed.

A beautiful Alpine Garden gives you energy and a lively environment around you.