Alcoholism Home Remedies

Alcoholism Home Remedies

Getting addicted to something is a bad sign. Anything in excess is not advisable. People who are addicted to alcohol go through a lot of problems. These problems are physical, mental and personal too. Drinking can be done occasionally and a person is called a social drinker while if a person gets addicted to alcohol he/she is known as an alcoholic person.  

Symptoms of Alcoholism

A person who is an alcoholic, he/she would have blood shot eyes and a puffy face. The voice sounds a little hoarse and there is a rapid pulse rate. Such people are very sensitive, irritable and suspicious by nature. Few common symptoms of alcoholics are that they would suffer from delirium, vomiting, fail to judge things correctly and disturbed sleep. Since the bowel movement is not normal, a person suffers from a flaccid heart and a weak, stomach disorder, damage in the brain cells and an unfit body.

Causes of Alcoholism

When a person is an occasional drinker, he/she may not realize that this is the starting of getting addicted to alcohol. Eventually, he gets used to it and starts drinking regularly. People start getting used to it because of social pressure while other people drink to avoid their responsibilities and problems. People think that drinking relieves stress.

Do’s and Don’ts for Alcoholism

  • People who are addicted to drinking should avoid indulging in parties as one would crave to drink again. 
  • Maintain a healthy diet and eat healthy food.
  • Do not make your problems and responsibilities an excuse to drink.
  • Do be positive about what you do and be determined to quit drinking.
  • Occasional drinking is okay but do keep a check on how much you drink.

Alcoholism Home Remedies

Grape Juice- A person can go on a grapes diet for a while. Grapes contain a very high percentage of alcohol. It’s a substitute for alcohol.  The actual way of taking it is drinking it three times a day like how you would take three meals. This juice should be taken every five hours. A person would eventually stop drinking if this home remedy remains consistent.

Using Apple- Eating apples everyday help in removing toxins from the body. Apply reduces the urge to drink alcohol or any type of liquor.

Bitter Gourd- A very affective home remedy for alcohol is bitter gourd. Extract the juice and drink it everyday. It’s the best detoxifier for the body. It helps in improving the damaged liver. You can mix some butter milk and three table spoons of bitter gourd and drink it.

Using Dates- Dates are one of the best home remedy in treating alcoholism. Grate about 4-5 dates in half glass of water and drink it everyday for a month. This will help you get over the urge of alcohol.

Using Celery- Drinking the juice of raw celery helps an alcoholic patient to recover. Take half glass of water and the same quantity juice extracted from celery. Mix both these together and drink it everyday for at least one month. This is a very good home remedy for alcoholism.