Age Spot Remedies

Age Spot Remedies

Age spots are your body’s way of telling you that you are not taking enough care of your skin – it is not just as simple as “getting old.” Age spots can appear as early as your 20s or 30s. They mostly happen due to too much exposure to the sun. Not only on your face, you can get age spots on your arms, legs, the backs of your hands, and on your forehead. Age spots can also cause skin discolorations. However, they are not as harmful as some people think them to be. There are lots of home remedies and skin care treatments that can keep the age spots at bay!

  • The citric acid in the juice of lemons is one of the most effective skin lighteners. You can dab lemon juice on age spots twice a day. Continue for two months and see the magical results.
  • Extract the juice of the onion and apply it on the age spots/sun spots. Onion juice is acidic in nature and induces skin peeling having a bleaching effect on the skin.
  • Fresh garlic juice can also induce shedding of the outer layers of the skin. Make it a routine to rub garlic on your age spots and you will certainly see pigmentation fading out soon.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar has lots of healing properties. You can use it as a home remedy to treat many of your skin problems related to age spots. Not only does the acidity promote exfoliation, but it is also beneficial in balancing the skin’s pH level.
  • Lactic Acid in milk products is very beneficial to help the skin fight against a lot of problems by helping the increase in the rate of cell turnover and thus, rejuvenating the skin. Use milk, buttermilk and yogurt in your skin-masks and feel the difference.
  • Castor oil is known to improve the texture of the skin. Dab castor oil on the blemishes or the rough age or sun spots to help them smooth out.
  • Aloe Vera is also known to improve skin texture.
  • Vitamin E is very good for the skin and an age-old remedy for scars. You can have Vitamin E supplements daily to improve your skin texture and complexion. Also, you can apply Vitamin E directly on the affected parts of the skin.
  • Age spots are more or less caused by the direct exposure of the skin to the harmful rays of the sun. Skin experts will always ask you to avoid the sun if you really want to avoid age-spots or sun-spots. If at all you have to, use a food sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, and an umbrella with you while stepping out.
  • Drink lots of water everyday – at least 8-10 glasses.
  • Try to include lean proteins in your diet and raw fruits. A healthy body always reflects a healthy skin.

If natural treatments do not seem to work, there are other options for you:

Laser Treatment – Lasers treatments are perfect for age spot removals. The melanin pigments can absorb light. So, the laser light can take away the brown spots from the skin surface. This is a permanent treatment for removal of the age spots. However, sometimes people develop new spots as they step out in the sun.

Chemical Peels – In chemical peels, chemical solution is applied to the surface of the skin that dissolves the damaged, age-spotted tissue of the surface. The layer is replaced with a new and younger skin with lesser age-spots over time.

Microdermabrasion - Microdermabrasion impacts the stratum corneum and rejuvenates the upper surface of the skin. It helps in diminishing the fine lines and the dark age spots. Microdermabrasion used with chemical peel can yield wondrous results. But one should remember that not every skin is suited for such treatment.

Cryosurgery – It is also referred to as cryotherapy. This improves the skin texture by removing the abnormal skin of the age spots through freezing.