Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Intestine Biopsy

Small intestine biopsy is a procedure in which samples are taken from the intestine for testing any disease. Another term of small intestine biopsy is small bowel biopsy. This is done through a flexible tube or video tube in the mouth or nose and into the upper gastrointestinal tract to collect samples and then send it to the laboratory for further testing and finding out whether the patient is suffering from some particular diseases. This test is known as endoscope test which is very popular now days. This biopsy is done by gastroenterologist or general physician.

Biopsy Small Intestine Advantages: 

Small Intestine Biopsy has some Advantages

  1. As sample is taken from intestine it helps in detecting the diseases in early stages and treatment is done accordingly.
  2. This biopsy helps in detecting cancer at different stages. Also, what is the cause of the cancer and how severe it will be in further stages can be detected in this biopsy.
  3. This biopsy helps in finding the type of treatment that should be given to the patient that will help him in fighting with those diseases.
  4. This biopsy helps in suspecting the malabsorption of the nutrients like vitamins and mineral, iron deficiency etc.The abnormalities caused in small intestines can only be detected through biopsy although malabsorption can be detected through simple stool sample.
  5. Only few minutes are taken to complete the procedure and patients can again start his work normally.
  6. Another method known as Capsule biopsy method helps in taking the samples which are beyond the reach of endoscopic method.

Biopsy Small Intestine Dis-advantages 

Small Intestine Biopsy may have certain Disadvantages

  1. After taking samples for testing, there may be excessive bleeding from that part which requires medical treatment.
  2. Sometimes patient may have some infection which may be very harmful.
  3. Patient may feel a vomiting tendency.
  4. Small intestine biopsy may lead to hole in the intestine.
  5. As general anaesthesia is given to the patient, it may leave some side effects to the sensitive patients. Patient may feel nausea and fatigue.
  6. Sometimes this biopsy misses the detection of cancer when it is very aggressive and severe and if the samples are taken from other portions. 

Biopsy Small Intestine Side-effects

Sometimes small intestine biopsy causes some side effects which is really very harmful for the patient. Some short term side effects like bleeding in the urine or itching may be caused to the patient. Patients may develop a serious infection called septicaemia but only for a short period. Doctors give strong antibiotic before biopsy which causes dizziness or fatigue. Some patient experiences pain during the procedure of biopsy. They are given general anaesthesia to avoid pain but general anaesthesia has its own side effects.