Advantages and Disadvantages of Vasectomy

Vasectomy Surgery

Vasectomy is something that become necessary for most men. A minor surgical procedure, it becomes the most practical course of action at a stage in sexual partnership when a permanent means of contraception is required.

Despite its relative convenience, there are a few disadvantages to the procedure.

Vasectomy Disadvantages

  • A vasectomy prevents a man from getting a woman pregnant. However it offers no protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

  • This operation is not immediately effective. It may take some time for the sperm count to drop to zero. During this period, pregnancy is still possible.

  • Even though there is some chance of reversing a vasectomy, it is practical to consider the procedure as an irreversible one.

  • A major disadvantage of a vasectomy is that in the case of unfortunate death of a child, there is no chance of reversing the procedure.

Vasectomy Advantages

The positive factor of having a vasectomy is that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

  • A vasectomy is the best form of permanent contraception. Other forms of birth control involve use of various accessories. A person who has a vasectomy will almost forget that it ever happened over a period of time.

  • Unlike contraceptive procedures in women, a vasectomy has no side effects or complications. There is no compromise on sexual experience. A man will continue to get erections and ejaculate the same way, before the surgery.

  • The recovery time for a vasectomy is the least of all the contraceptive surgical procedures.

  • As vasectomy is mostly considered as permanent and irreversible, it is favored among those who do not want to leave anything to chance.

  • Vasectomies are relatively expensive to pay for initially, but considering that no further expenditure is expected for the rest of the patient’s life, it is a very sound investment and cheapest in the long run.

Side-Effects of Vasectomy

  • Although minimal, one should know about the possible side-effects which might occur.

  • There may be numbness in the scrotum until the effect of the anesthetic disappears.

  • Some sensation of bruising and soreness may be felt for some time.

  • There may also be some swelling in the groin.

  • In some rare cases, fever may develop.


By and large, vasectomy as a surgical procedure is a very minor and convenient procedure. The minor inconvenience experienced while undergoing the procedure is overshadowed by the long-term benefits that it offers.