Advantages and Disadvantages of Ovary Removal

Ovary Removal Surgery

Ovary removal means the removal of ovaries from a women’s body by surgical means. It is performed so as to prevent the growth of cancers and tumors in women’s reproductive parts. Also ovary removal is a method of sterilization in which fertility is lost. Ovary removal is mainly done in hysterectomy in which a large surgical operation is performed in which the uterus, ovaries and the fallopian tube are removed altogether from the body. The most commonly used surgery these days is Robotic Salpingo-oophorectomy.

Advantages of Ovary Removal

  • The incisions are less scarring when a robotic salpingo-oophorectomy  is performed.

  • Since the incisions are small, so there is very little pain that the operated lady has to bear after the successful completion of the robotic operation. But, this is generally not the case in open surgery where fairly large incisions are made which pain a lot and for a long time.

  • The cancerous growth can be prevented to affect the other body parts forever. This is done by removing the affected organ carefully.

  • Patients who go under robotic surgery get recovered at a faster rate than in open surgery and can be discharged from the hospitals within two to three weeks from the date of their getting operated.

  • Robotic surgery uses technologies that help in better visualization of inner body parts such as blood vessels, ovaries, uterus, etc. using high quality image with 3D effects.

Disadvantages of Ovary Removal

  • Ovary removal is accompanied with heart disease risks and may be the cause of sudden death due to heart attacks or various other heart problems.

  • Various symptoms are commonly seen in women after ovary removal such as irritability, mood swings, finding problems in sleeping, crying without any reason, etc. and this is all due to the lowered levels of estrogen from the body. (Estrogen is produced by the ovaries in the body)

  • Loss of estrogen from the body may lead to problems during the time of intercourse as the vagina gets dried up and shrunk. It may lead to itching and irritation.

  • There appears to be the loss of hair from the head due to lack of estrogen, but the facial hair starts growing more.

  • Bone mass disappears and the chances of fractures are increased.

Side- Effects of Ovary Removal

  • Those women who go for this surgery before their natural menopause face the difficulties that arise due to surgical menopause in which there is a complete loss of production of hormones that maintain stability in a woman’s bodily functions.

  • The hormones produced in a woman’s body by the ovaries are needed throughout her life and when they are lost due to removal of ovaries then the chances of heart disease increase up to 7-8 times than before.

  • Ovary removal causes an adverse effect on sexuality.

  • The bones become weak and prone to frequent fractures.