Advantages and Disadvantages Lasik Eye Surgery

Advantages and Disadvantages Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery also has advantages and disadvantages like any other treatment. Let us analyze each of them separately.

Advantages of Lasik Eye Surgery

There are some very good advantages if one opts for Lasik eye surgery. These are the reasons one should go for this type of a surgery.

  • Lasik improves the vision in an overall manner, where as the traditional methods don’t do so.

  • Lasik can improve the vision in a more precisive way.

  • Higher or lower order aberrations of the eye can be treated using Lasik resulting in improved vision. 

  • Moderate eye sights can be easily treated with Lasik and people can avoid the use of glasses.

  • Over the time, Lasik can save you money

  • Adjustments can be done even after years

  • No bandages or stitches needed after the surgery

  • There won’t be any pain after the surgery

Disadvantages of Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery’s disadvantages can’t make it a second option. But it is necessary to know the other side too.

  • Cornea changes cannot be reversed after the Lasik surgery
  • Additional Lasik is to be used to provide any corrections
  • Cutting of flap is very sensitive and it may damage the vision permanently if not properly done
  • The procedure is a bit technical and complex for an average person
  • The loss of best vision is a probability after the Lasik

Side Effects of Lasik Eye Surgery

After every surgery, there can be some sort of side effects. This is applicable to Lasik too.

In the first 2-3 days, there will be a sort of discomfort with the vision.

The other side effects may be the following,

  • Glare in the vision

  • Dry eyes

  • Fluctuating visions

  • Difficulty in driving in darkness

  • Halos around objects

  • Uneven boundaries

  • Strain while concentrating

Even though there are many disadvantages and side effects for the Lasik treatments, this is the best option available these days. So if you have any kind of eye defects such as myopia, astigmatism etc, no need to worry. The Lasik way is there to cure you.