Advantages and Disadvantages of Incisional Hernia

There can be certain advantages for Incisional hernia repair. At the same time one must know about its disadvantages and the side effects too. This may help a patient to be in the real world and feel confidence about the condition.

Advantages of Incisional Hernia Surgery

There are many advantages for Incisional hernia surgeries. Let us look at some of them here.

  • You can remove the bulges or projections in your body through Incisional hernia surgery.

  • There won’t be any long term complications associated with the surgery.

  • As laparoscopic methods are available now, the surgery is easy and less painful.

  • The surgery for Incisional hernia is less expensive and accessible.

  • The surgical risk is as low as 5-10%.

Disadvantages of Incisional Hernia Surgery

There are some disadvantages for the Incisional hernia surgery too. Let us look at those in a detailed manner.

  • Obese patients have greater risk in developing another hernia.

  • Risk of recurrence of surgery is as high as 55% when sutures are used.

  • Nutritional disorders may induce hernias again and again which can be a disadvantage of the surgery.

  • Each surgery may make the hernia worse and the condition becomes critical after that.

  • The chance for infection is also higher after the surgery, particularly when it is laparoscopic.

Side Effects of Incisional Hernia Surgery

Incisional hernias occur due to the weakened part in the body. As the body part is already weakened and undergone a surgery, the chances for side effects will be always high. There can be some post operative complications too.

  • Mesh placement site may have fluid buildup and it may require draining off.

  • Post operative bleeding may lead to a second surgery sometimes.

  • Suture pain can be there for a very long time and may have to use anti inflammatory drugs.

  • Intestinal injuries because of the surgery are also not rare.

  • Due to surgical wound infection, fever may be there which affects the patient’s health.

  • Respiratory problems may occur as a side effect.

  • Urinary retention.

  • Repeated surgeries may cause nerve injuries too.

As a surgery may be a necessity to overcome the hernia, incisional treatment would help the patient and avoid the risk to life.

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