Advantages and Disadvantages of Hysterectomy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hysterectomy

There are certain advantages and disadvantages, if you do hysterectomy. Let us evaluate those.

Advantages of Hysterectomy

Most of the surgeries are done because of a reason. Hysterectomy is also done with a particular purpose. Sometimes it is to avoid certain infections, tumors, fibroids or cancers. Hysterectomy is a definite advantageous to avoid these. Uterine troubles are overcome by this surgical process. The following advantages are also seen after the surgery.

  • Greater independence and confidence.

  • Better performance of the urinary system.

  • Stopping the chance of spreading of cancerous tissues.

Disadvantages of Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is a definite disadvantage as you are removing a natural part from your body. You cannot expect a very natural way of functioning after your hysterectomy as you had it before. The following are some of the disadvantages you may face after the surgery. These are some of the chances but most of them are rare side effects of the surgery.

  • Hormonal effects and development of renal cell carcinoma.

  • Lesser interest in sexual activities.

  • Time for recovery may be long.

  • Surgical risks and mortality.

  • Change in the skin tone.

  • Chances of Osteoporosis.

Side effects of Hysterectomy

These cannot be called side effects. But many may have these problems after hysterectomy. These are certain disadvantages of doing this surgery too.

  • Hysterectomy can cause injury to nearby organs, such as the bowel, urinary tract, bladder, rectum, and blood vessels thus making the disease more complex.

  • Many may have a feeling of pain while going for sexual intercourse.

  • If the ovaries are removed through hysterectomy, a menopause will happen which can change your routines.

  • During the operation anesthesia is to be given and it may create certain problems, such as short breath.

  • The hysterectomy may induce allergic reactions to medicines

  • Blood clots in the legs or lungs due to post hysterectomy can be dangerous.

  • Infection after the surgery can cause other related diseases.

  • Sometimes heavy bleeding may occur due to hysterectomy through vagina.

As hysterectomy has become a very common practice these days, the positive side is more than its negative effects. So when you have any kind of tumors or fibroids with your uterine, you can go for a hysterectomy as it is a simple surgical process.