Advantages and Disadvantages of Cervical Biopsy

Advantages of Cervical Biopsy

Cervical Biopsy is very much helpful in recognizing the changes in cervical cells. The abnormality in the cells of cervix, the doorway to the womb, normally causes  virus known as Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). If this anomaly in the cells is left uncorrected, it may lead to cancer.

Any cell that appears to be abnormal in shape is considered to be precancerous i.e. not yet cancerous, but it is not in a perfect shape and size. Development of anomalous cells is an usual phenomenon. But it is seen that they die very soon. The anomalous cells, capable to protract themselves and increase are perceived to be cancer cells. Hence, it is most important to detect those cells with the help of Cervical Biopsy.

Disadvantage of Cervical Biopsy

The Cervical Biopsy is a panicky process. The candidate may face complications such as infections and bleeding after undergoing Cervical Biopsy. The woman should be more careful before going for cervical biopsy when she is pregnant.  She must inform the health care provider regarding her pregnancy as it has a great impact on the kind of biopsy to be carried out.

Side-effects of Cervical Biopsy

After Cervical Biopsy, the candidate may feel tenderness in vaginal area for one or two days. A little vaginal bleeding and discharge for around 7 days is quite normal. In case of use of Monsel's solution during the biopsy the color of the discharge may be dark.

Other side-effects of cervical biopsy may be heavy discharge of blood from vagina, fever and belly pain.
It is advised to consult with your healthcare provider, when you experience the above mentioned side-effects to avoid further complication.

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