Advantages and Disadvantages of Biopsy Of Breast

Advantages and Disadvantages of Biopsy of Breast

Biopsy of breast is an important procedure of examining the presence of cancer in the breast of male or female. Biopsy of breast is very important when you suspect your breast infected with cancer. It can be caused for many reasons. Sometimes unwanted plum develops and that may be the cause of cancer but you cannot understand that you are suffering with breast cancer until you perform the examination of biopsy of breast. 

There are many types of biopsy of breast examinations. Some of the well known and common biopsy of breast examinations are namely - fine needle aspiration biopsy which is abbreviated as FNAB, core needle biopsy or CNB, vacuum-assisted breast biopsy, and excision biopsy (surgery). Most importantly, there are many advantages and disadvantages and also side effects of biopsy of breast and therefore, you have to understand all the pros and cons of biopsy of breast as you can take some important precautions to get rid of uncertain happenings. 

It is obvious that non-surgical biopsy examinations are less painful and also non-surgical biopsy examinations do not disfigure the skin. Most importantly, non-surgical biopsy of breast do not leave internal scar to interfere with the accuracy of future mammograms. However, surgical biopsy of breast is somewhat painful but doctors will recommend that as per the infection and suspicion of the cancer. Therefore, surgical biopsy of breast is also important if doctors recommend you. 

Type of Biopsy of Breast

FNAC Breast Biopsies


FNAC is the fastest and easiest method of breast biopsy and most of the people are recommended for this procedure. FNAC does not require stitches and therefore patients are usually able to resume normal activity after this examination. 


FNA can remove very small sample of tissue or cells from the breast and therefore that sample may not contain the malignant tissue in the first attempt and therefore doctors may have to take double attempt to perform this examination which is not good.

Core needle biopsy of Breast


Core needle biopsy can be a more accurate assessment of a breast cancer as it can be done with a fine needle aspiration and hence the larger core needle can remove sufficient tissue for doctors to estimate irregular cells in relation to the adjacent tiny sample of breast tissue taken in the specimen.


CNA is only samples of a collection and it is likely to have a more severe diagnosis may be missed by limiting the sampling of a lesion 

Vacuum - Assisted Biopsy of Breast


Vacuum - Assisted Biopsy of breast is a new type of biopsy examination which can take away approximately twice the amount of breast tissue compared with core needle biopsy with minimum persistent breast biopsy procedure and therefore this examination can give good result. 


Vacuum-assisted breast biopsy should be done by the expert then only it may be successful otherwise bad impact is likely to happen.

Biopsy of Breast Side-effects 

There are some uncertain side-effects likely to occur after the biopsy of breast examination and therefore biopsy of breast should be done with an expert medical practitioner only.