Acu Yoga


Introduction to Acu Yoga

Acu Yoga is the term coined in the modern age and it refers to the blend of Acupressure and Yoga. It is the blend of two forms of exercise movements and postures which is also defined as the integration of two ancient traditions of health maintenance. With this blend there is an increase in the effectiveness and both complement each other significantly.

Though in Acu Yoga the healing methods work to achieve the same goal but their ways are completely opposite and vary a lot. While Yoga works from the inside out and calms the mind and body, it also relaxes breathing with the aid of physical stretching and mind release. On the other hand Acupressure work from the outside in and it works directly on the specific points that are on the surface of the skin where you have any pain or something and moves and changes the inner energy flow.

Both the systems help in balancing and relaxing the muscular tension and also revives the energy flow of the entire body. Acupressure with the aid of acupuncture uses the meridians in the body in common language it is called the pathways of the energy flow. On each and every meridian there exist points that influences and directs the energy called chi or life force. Whereas in Yoga this life force is popularly called as prana and it is increased with the aid of deep breathing and focused posture holding.

Acu Yoga

Acu Yoga is called a self help technique. When the combination of acupressure points are held while being in the various yoga position, it is used as the results produced are great. While putting the pressure on the points it helps in moving the excess pressure from the part where it is wasteful to the deficient places where it is needed. The stretching and breathing of Yoga helps in releasing the deeper tension or blocks that are formed in the muscles, joints and tissues of the body. 

Acu Yoga is alternatively named as a preventative health care practice. In Oriental medicine it has been stated that all the diseases takes place when there is a inbuilt of tension and energy is a certain region of the body that may cause problems is the entire system of the body. Thus it is important for everyone to address these imbalances even before they manifest into diseases which may further put some impact on the internal organs of the body and also their function. Acu Yoga is been designed in such a practical way so that optimal health results are achieved in this modern day. Our body always seeks for harmony and with the aid of simple practice of this self help technique you can maintain the choice and kind of unobstructed flow of energy that you wish to experience.

It is very important in this modern day and age when a more torpid, indoor computer life is been maintained that you become more responsible in maintaining the balance of mental, stagnant work activity and practice it in such a way that it eliminates any accumulation of tension. Acu yoga will be the only thing that you should look upon. If you incorporate acupressure into your daily yoga practice then the results will be outstanding.

There are few books on Acu Yoga that are present to guide you through the process of the same. It is quiet easy and enjoyable to learn. Once you are able to get through the major acu points then you can easily incorporate them into your daily yoga postures with a little effort. You will definitely feel a greater release of tension and it will also make you feel more happy, lively and energetically relaxed.

Acu yoga the two great self healing techniques of the ancient when brought together in present in a holistic method of maintaining the kind of health and longevity that everyone seeks in their lives.