Acne Granites Natural Treatment

Acne Granites Natural Treatment

Acne is a very common problem faced by most individuals. There are many ways to cure acne. When you have tried everything and things have failed, then it’s better to depend on natural treatments. Natural remedies are the best the help cure acne breakouts. When it comes to natural treatments, Granite is the best natural treatment for acne. People who have used it are confident about the results. After using this treatment, you can be rest assured to have a clear skin.

Acne Granite Natural Treatment

Making Natural Granites for Acne Treatment- Silica is known to be an effective acne treatment. Silica supplements are available at any health food stores and drug store. The effectiveness of it depends on how much homeopathy based the compound is. Silica is also available at a naturopath. Pure granite is very effective for cure acnes.

Silica is available in the most natural form when derived from silicon dioxide. It is a compound that is found in quartz, sandstones and flint. Silica is a mineral and to prepare it, you would need white semi-transparent pebbles and red granite. All these should be dried well by leaving them in the sun for at least an hour. When you crack the granite, use the inner stone and add both stones along with it. Hammer them till they powder.

Later, take 1 liter of mineral water and dilute the powder in it. Shake it well and allow the water to settle for 10-15 minutes. When the water is left untouched for a couple of minutes, the rock particles settle down at the bottom of the bottle. In a glass, take out 1/3 of the water without disturbing the water particles. Then you need to drink this water as this is the treatment for acne. People who have had this in the past say that two drops of this water taken three times a day would clear acne in two days.

Safe Use of Granites- It is not easy to the right type of granite stone; therefore you wouldn’t want to take a chance of drinking something that you are not sure of. The above treatment technique can be used for external use. What you can do is add a tablespoon of 1000 mg of uncoated aspirin. Along with this you can add one tablespoon of mother-of-pearls, a few drops of warm mustard oil and fluoride toothpaste. This paste should be applied three times in a day for a couple of minutes and then when it dries, it should be washed well. Apply some moisturizer.

Easier Granites Natural Acne Treatment- Many people may find it inconvenient to powder rocks, therefore silica is the best substitute. Silica prevents acne breakouts; therefore it is used as the best medicine to cure chronic acne. It helps to heel faster.

Whenever you think of starting a homeopathy treatment, it’s advisable to start with a low dose and then move to a higher one. Though very few people would be aware of the acne granite natural treatment, it’s best to consult with a naturopath.