Abdominal Fat Burning Exercises

Abdominal Fat Burning Exercises

Looking beautiful is dream of every person. In today’s world, food habits are becoming worse day-by-day. There are many reasons behind fat where food habit is not the only reason. Like heredity, lack of time, tension, and liking of junk foods, which are totally unhealthy, is some of the basic reasons for the accumulation of fat. Fat around the abdomen looks very bad but if you try then you can reduce it. There are many abdominal workouts that target the area to strengthen and tone the muscle groups. By doing abdominal workouts you can drastically reduce the fat deposits around the abdomen. These exercises should be alternated with at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercises up to five days per week. By exercising you will utilize stored fat. Here in this article, we are suggesting few abdominal exercises to help you out.

Hanging Knee Rises:

You can strengthen your stomach muscles by doing this exercise. Just hang from a pull-up exercising bar with your knees bent. Then grip the bar with palms facing you and actively engage your back and shoulders. Do it with arms little wider than shoulder distance apart. Now lift your bent knees to your chest. Redo it for 5 to 10 times. It depends on your own strength.

Superwoman Crunches:

It is the double crunch that strengthens both your upper and lower abdominal muscles. For doing this exercise, you have to lie down flat on your back with your legs extended and the inner arches of your feet touching. Now just fold arms and place your palms on opposite shoulders so that your forearms form an X across your chest portion. Now simultaneously lift chin towards the ceiling as you bend knees and bring them towards your chest. When you will do this, your shoulder blades and hips should lift little off the floor. You can use hands to support your head area and neck area.

Reverse Crunches

This exercise is good for strengthening your lower stomach muscles beneath your belly button. For doing this workout, you have to lie flat on your back with legs extended and the inner arches of your feet touching. Then place your arms down along your sides with palms on the floor. Now ground down through palms as you bend knees and lift your feet towards the ceiling. When you will do this your lower back may start to arch. Do not let this happen. You should take help of your lower stomach muscles to keep lower back flat on the floor. Do it ten to twelve times before taking rest. Do not rest more than 60 seconds and then complete another set. If your body allows, then perform a set of more repetitions with less rest.