Permanent Hair Removal for Abdomen

Abdominal hair growth is a common problem that worries both men and women. Abdominal hair removal at a proper spa or salon is not always a good option. For women, abdominal hair growth is often a matter of embarrassment and inconvenience especially when they choose to wear an elegant saree. As the laser treatment is a bit expensive, doing a whole body laser treatment is not affordable for all. So we should check out some home remedies that are affordable.

Abdomen hair removal technologies rage from the simple way of plucking out the hair using good tweezers to the laser hair removing technologies. Electrolysis is another permanent solution for hair removal though it tends to be quite painful in the delicate areas like nipple area.

Regular waxing is another cheap way to get rid of unwanted hairs. High hair growth might be because of a medical problem so it is always better to seek advice from a doctor. With regular waxing one can’t maintain a totally hair-free appearance continually. Laser hair removal treatment, though a little expensive, ensures a permanent reduction in hair growth. Even after the full course of several laser treatments, maintenance treatments will be needed to ensure permanent reduction in hair growth.
Here are a few abdominal hair removing techniques.

  • Shave off the hair using a razor. This might harden your hair. Use coconut oil after shaving, which will soften the skin and delay the hair growth.
  • Hair removal cream is another option. It saves your time and energy. Mild and harmless creams are available in the market now. Choose a brand that is not allergic to your skin.
  • Those who have very little hair on the abdomens can go for bleaching, which will help hiding the soft hair of your stomach. As long as the hair is not visible, this will not be a major concern.
  • Those who are comfortable with wax strips can go for it. There is a variety of it available in the market. For abdominal hair removal, this is an effective option.
  • Simple ingredients such as a little bit of turmeric and besan can help. Mix it with a little milk or water. Apply it on the abdominal area in order to soften it out for removal.