8 Most Healthy Nutritious Meals You Should Include In Your Diet

Most people confuse eating healthy with curbing food cravings or eating bland food. On the contrary, eating healthy actually refers to eating smaller portions and preferably less fatty food. Nutritious does not equate with tasteless food, so you can enjoy some great, mouth-watering meals without feeling guilty. Here we share some healthy and nutritious meals that should become a part of your diet.

1. Eggs and vegetables:

Cook eggs and a host of vegetables like shallots, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots and so on in the oven. Add herbs of your choice to enhance the taste. Add toasted brown bread or bake beans for a twist in taste. Enjoy the goodness of eggs and vegetables for good health.

2. Root and Lentil Casserole:

Cook roots like carrots and potatoes in a thick lentil gravy and serve with bread. Mix different lentils for a change of taste every time you cook this dish. You can choose from various healthy breads like brown bread, spinach bread or so on.

 Nutritious Meals

3. Potato and Spinach Stew:

A great treat for potato lovers, team potatoes with spinach, whipped cream and buttermilk for a creamy and delicious low calorie dish. The slow cooking involved in making a stew enhances the flavors. Add Thai spices like basil for an interesting flavor.

4. Bean sprouts and Vegetable Salad:

Toss a healthy and delicious salad with bean sprouts, mushrooms, bell peppers, cabbage, broccoli, carrots and onions. Add celery, garlic, lemon, green chilies, olive oil and red chili flakes or any combination for flavor. This healthy salad looks and tastes amazing.

5. Kidney Beans and Sweet Corn:

Mash together boiled white chick peas and kidney beans. Add lettuce, cucumber, sweet corn, herbs and spices. Mix well and make into small balls. Top with cheese and bake. Enjoy the dish as it is or with a small bowl of brown rice. Try having the baked vegetable balls with brown bread or with burritos for a change in taste.

6. Healthy Sandwich:

Choose any low fat bread for the sandwich. Layer the sandwich with vegetables of your choice. Avoid cheese and opt for an olive oil dressing if required. Add herbs and spices for an added twist or try baking the sandwich for a change in taste.

7. Oatmeal Pancakes:

Add fruits like blueberries or bananas to oatmeal. Blend in the buttermilk and make healthy pancakes. Drizzle a little raw honey on the pancakes for an added flavor.  Try adding an egg to the batter for a change in taste.

8. Muffins:

Fruity muffins are healthy and tasty alternatives to junk foods. The muffins taste best with fruits like raisins, cranberries, apricots and blueberries, though you could experiment with other fruits or try out interesting combinations. Muffins can be baked and stored, just ensure that they are heated well before eating.

These healthy and delicious dishes are high in nutrients and make a great alternative to junk foods like chips and colas.