8 Highly Effective Height Increasing Tips For Teenagers

Being tall helps one to literally stand out in a crowd. Teenage is the best time to adopt lifestyle changes that help in gaining height. Certain exercises are also known to aid in gaining height. Some height increasing tips are discussed below.

1. Healthy and Nutritious Food:

Nutritious food plays a major role in proper height gain. Conversely malnutrition results in shunted growth. Healthy food choices help us enjoy a healthy and long life. Eat regularly and ensure that each meal is nutritious and balanced. Food rich in proteins and minerals provides adequate nutrition and helps in healthy growth. Teenagers in particular, should avoid fast foods like pizza, burgers and carbonated drinks. Try and make healthy food choices a routine not only for the advantages of height gain but for a healthier life

2. Frequent and smaller meals:

Nutritionists advise frequent mini meals to keep the body charged and energy levels high. Thus 6 mini meals are healthier than 3 regular meals. The nutrition in the meals is absorbed faster, resulting in proper hormonal regulation and height gain.

8 Highly Effective Height Increasing Tips For Teenagers

3. Proper Sleep:

Adequate and regular sleeping habits also are a lifestyle change. Many teenagers try to cut down on sleep in an unsuccessful attempt to cope with the many extra hours of study. Some keep odd hours as they party into the night. Regardless of the reason for inadequate sleep, the human body suffers. A fixed and regular sleeping habit helps the body rejuvenate and refresh. The recommended sleep time is 8-10 hours every day. This rest helps in an adequate hormone secretion and thus plays a critical role in height gain.

4. Sports and Regular Exercise:

Exercise and sports play a vital role in height gain. Stretching exercises, skipping , tennis, swimming and football are some exercises and sports that help in height gain.

5. Yoga and Correct Posture

Certain yoga postures and asanas are known to be highly effective for height gain. Yoga is a natural and less strenuous method of growing taller. Overall fitness gained from yoga, results in the release of growth hormones that induce height gain. Balancing and stretching exercises in yoga help strengthen muscles and improve posture. Correct posture can be easily attained by paying attention to simple matters like sitting and walking erect, keeping shoulders straight while walking and sitting, and so on. These simple steps help in keeping the spine straight and back strong, thus increasing height.

6. Drink Plenty of Water:

Water helps cleanse and detoxify the body. It also helps in absorption of nutrients that aid in height gain.

7. Maintain Ideal Body Weight:

Obesity is known to cause stunted growth. Maintaining ideal body weight is important for height gain.

8. Avoid Growth Inhibitors:

Drinking and smoking are known growth inhibitors. Narcotics as well as certain antibiotics are also known to inhibit growth. All such growth inhibitors should be avoided at all costs, particularly in adolescence

Some of the advantages of a good height are high profile careers like modelling and sports. By actively incorporating these lifestyle changes as part of their life, teenagers can attain their maximum height and enjoy the associated advantages.