6 Games That Teach Tots About Animals

Toddlers are captivated and mesmerized by animals typically because they just give the impression of being silly and noisy. Tots perceive fun to imitate animals which makes them eager to learn more about them especially if they have one as pet. Teaching them about animals and their activities enhances tots familiarity about the natural world.

Here are 6 games that teach tots about animals:

Eat like an Animal: Make snack time fun filled by teaching your tot a lesson on what animals eat. For instance, berries for bears, bananas for monkeys, carrots for rabbits, pumpkin seeds for birds, guava for parrots, and others. While your toddler is busy eating, ask him/her to guess which animal prefers which food and you can assess if he/she is right or wrong. Have patience even if they go wrong. Try to teach them in a different way through other activity.

Speak Animal Language: This is the best activity to do to make your tiny little one learn about animals. Quack like a duck or meow like a cat or moo like a cow, all these fascinate the child and he tries to imitate you. Teach them why animals make this noise-to communicate with each other as opposed to humans in the talking form. Play games with your child of animal noises. Make him/her learn through pictures or videos available on the internet and in the day, assess how much he has learnt. Increase their learning day by day patiently as burdening them too much in just a single day might create unwillingness in them to learn.

Make your Own Zoo: Every toddler has soft toys of animals. Parents have to take advantage of this to buy the correct animal for the child to make him learn. Options are limitless to choose from like- dolphin, parrots, penguins, birds, teddies, elephants, pigs, rabbit, duck and many others. Choose vibrant Animals and some hues as these are certain to attract child’s attention. While your tot wants to play with these toys, sit beside him to make him learn which animal makes what kind of noise. Narrate it in a story from to make it more interesting and engrossing for your child.

Do Animal Dance: Show your tot how animals move or dance and accompany them. Waddle like a penguin, lumber like a bear, slither like a snake or jump up the sofa like a chimpanzee.
See Nature Live: Your backyard is the best place for this activity. Go backyard for a picnic and watch squirrels eating and bird’s tweetoo. Ask your tot to feed the animal and take pictures. Show her the photos to see her super-excited. This will certainly make a happy for long and create a belonging to the nature.

Become a Tracker: Teach your tot that few animals leave paw prints when they walk. Take your tot out to the zoo to make him show live the paw prints of animals. This way, he/she will learn quickly and would be able to recognize the animal fast.