6 Games That Teach Toddlers Colors

Teaching your toddler colors is an overwhelming task and as easy as making him/her learn the alphabets and other skills. While many children grasp colors quickly if taught regularly or given often reference to the colorful objects that help them highlight the colors in any activity, few may learn colors at a slow pace.

We show you how to make the activity of learning colors fun-filled through games.

Play with Food: Commonly, the brighter the food, the more nutrients it has. This becomes a double-duty for moms to teach the child color as well as the function of the food and hence an advantage for the child too. Make the food palette colorful and include all veggies like green broccoli trees, white hummus, red pepper, tomato, yellow cheese, brown bread and other colorful food. Now give your little one an opportunity to pick up colorful fruits to her palette. Mix both and make your child pick what she wants to. This way, even mothers will be relaxed that their child has proper intake of nutrients and proteins.

Painting: Keep painting canvas in handy at your home. Teach them what painting is and what colors are. Teach her/him how to hand paint and let her imagination of colors spread out onto the canvas. This way, mothers can analyze the child’s understanding of colors and how well they are able to have knowledge of painting. Instead of going for market based chemical paints, you can also prepare friendly one’s at home.

Race for a Ribbon: This activity can be done indoors as well as outdoors. Take glace sheets or color papers of all colors and cut them into long pieces. Tie them to a spoon or a stick and place them at least ten feet away from your child. Blow air from behind the colors and ask your tot to call out the color of the ribbon that flows high in the air. This will certainly create excitement in your child and give you an estimate of her learning colors.

Dress up: Toddlers like to wear different clothes of different colors each time-sometimes bright and sometimes hues. Let your tiny tot choose what he/she wants to wear today. Mix and match their outfit with vibrantly and bright shoe and light colored socks. In case of a girl tot, make her wear your accessories and shoes. This activity will not only make them excited but also gives you a chance to assess how your child has scored in learning colors.

Amble in the Shade: Take your tot out for a walk and let her carry a piece of paper and pen to see write what she sees. Make her observe the surroundings. Tell her colors of the surroundings like green-leaves, orange-pumpkin, blue-sky and likewise. Once you are home, let your tot draw pictures of what she/he saw.

Toss Colors: Play tossing colors with your toddler. Get colored paper from the market and make it a ball. Place two baskets a few feet away and ask her to throw a particular color in the basket. Observe how well she’s able to judge colors.