5 Simple Ways To Avoid Post Wedding Weight Gain

One of the common problems that we face after the marriage is Post Wedding Weight Gain. This problem remains unnoticed or ignored in many of the cases. But, this leads to gradual increase in your body and leaves you with shape less figure. There are certain simple ways to avoid post wedding weight gain.

1. Include work outs: if you have regular workouts in your daily schedule, try to continue without pausing after the marriage. If not, try to include them. Because marriage brings a lot of changes in several things of your life style. To cope up with the new life style, simple work outs and meditation helps keeping you physically and mentally fit. If possible, involve your spouse to make your exercising more enjoyable. Going for jogging together is one of the best exercises that improve your bond and health.

simple way to avoid post weeding weight

2. Never ignore green: Containing the vitamins, fibers and minerals; veggies help you in maintaining health and figure. Try to include at least one leafy vegetable in your meals. They can be taken as salads, can be cooked with pulses and cereals, or in any other ways. Try to learn different recipes that can be prepared with greens or try own recipes with different varieties of greens.

3. Snacks can be included with fruits and nuts: it is not a new thing to mention that fruits and nuts are rather necessary for the body. It is better to involve them in the snacks. They are best to be taken during the gaps between meals to meals. Take at least 25 grams of nuts and 100 grams of fruits per day. They keep you fit and healthy and provide necessary fats that the body need.

4. Drink 8 glasses of water: water helps in number of ways and plays vital role in losing the weight. Take 2 glasses of water early in the morning. This is proven as one of the best ways for losing unnecessary fats. Juices, particularly those are available in the shops and juice centers, contain lots of sugar. These may increase the energy levels more than needed and also unnecessary fats. Say no to artificial flavored drinks or beverages, and instead take plain water or coconut water. Substituting coffee and regular tea with healthy alternatives such as green tea with lemon and honey will be good choice as such alternatives improve anti oxidants as well as help to lose extra weight besides keeping you energetic and active.

5. Reduce the junk food and unnecessary intake: outings and parties are very common for the newly married couple. Avoiding the junk food and unnecessary intake is important to keep you fit. You can follow few of tips like

Going to party with half filled stomach i.e., eating healthy food half an hour earlier to attending the party

  • choosing smaller plate
  • taking the salads first
  • bother less for the left over if you are filled
  • taking the food silently

These kinds of things help you to avoid the intake of unessential stuff to your body. Prefer the healthy items as much as possible in the buffets.